A list of Cool Gimp fonts

GIMP 2. x supports all types of Font. That your OS can support either Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.

GIMP tool has a few fantastic modules that render well in adding and supporting fonts. For instance, It has a Freetype2 engine to provide fonts. And a system Font config that supports manually added fonts in GIMP.

You can say, Freetype2 is an extensive font family.

To add any cool font in the GIMP 2.x tool manually.

Follow these simple stepsA list of Cool Gimp Fonts

  1. Download font file
  2. Unzip it using an extractor
  3. Hit Right click> install it on your OS

Well, Sometimes finding COOL fonts for GIMP can be a real pain. Since there are thousands of fonts out there, you may not want to bother.

That’s why we have collected some of the best and most popular fonts that look super cool.

Also, we have linked each one to their source files. So you can easily reach and install them.

Some Free Cool fonts for GIMP

Use these GIMP Fonts for websites, designing, logos, apps & games, products, video editing, on anything you want. They all are 100% free. All credit goes to their developers and this website.


blazed gimp font

This font is not a popular one. Yet the horror of this font is another level. The style of this font speaks for itself. if your project is closely related to racing, and sports count this font in for that purpose.

I have noticed many racing games or companies use this font quite often.


circus gimp font

We often need to convey a msg in short words, but we want to make it look cool to users that will convey the MSG thoroughly. Here comes, text-based logos.

Graphics designers mostly use these types of fonts. They look unique. Thus, they want to be creative. Therefore, they choose these types of font styles that have their uniqueness, and with a combination of Creativity; it can look even better.


roboto gimp font

Roboto is one of the most popular fonts. It is free and easy to read.

If your project demands more words to read, such as a website’s description or a company’s bio, then Roboto is the way to go. It is a simple, Dashing, Classical, and versatile font. Not to mention. It varies from thin to Bold. on a scale base from 100 to 900.

Besides using this font in reading material like books, you can increase the shade to 900. Then use it in Titles.

GIMP has Roboto font “by default” if you couldn’t find yet, then you can download this from the source we have linked

Times Sans Serif.

times sans serif gimp font

Here is our top 4th font for GIMP, the “Times sans Serif.” It is an updated or modern font style of sans serif, with beautiful edges, beautiful look, and attracts users to keep engaged. Overall this font is, I believe, the Coolest font for reading a paragraph or subheadings. If you’re an author or any writing-related work you do on your laptop, give this font a try.

Or Use in general headings as well, but you will need the Bold format for this purpose.

The Bold Font

the bold font gimp font

The font is better to use in general headings, which mostly people use in business cards, banners, product names, and so forth. There are many general reasons to use this font.

The bold Property, with slightly smooth edges of this font, makes it extra transparent, and it attracts the users. Moreover, it does not look old fashion though, and as per my ideology, this font will be on the top for years to come.

Caviar Dreams

caviar dreams gimp font

Another popular and widely used font that you can use for free in GIMP. It just by looking seems a combination of two fonts. Modern and aged. Suppose your project is associated with handwriting, a food menu, or anything containing a very small space for words. Then you are good to go with this one.

The thin font property and decent font styles make this to be the best font for GIMP 2.x.

Not only Alphabet, the Numbers, 123, looks cool in this Font style. And the Purpose can be dependable..

Paquet Cadeaux

paquet cadeaux gimp font

Paquet Cadeaux is one of the best Free Fonts for GIMP. The bold Property and the unique font styling, plus designing over each alphabet are making this font so beautiful. If you are searching for fonts for your book covers or any story covers, look no further.  Use it for covers, cover pages, album covers, magazines, and Instagram stories.

Stamp Act

stamp act gimp font

Truly this one is unique, and I don’t know either for which purposes it fits better, I just found this one looking entirely different and attractive. That made me mention the font here, however, this font seems to be good for using in album titles or something like musicians’ Disk cover titles.

Henry Morgan

henry morgan gimp font

Just look at this font, how beautiful it is looking, right..? I see this font will be good for people to use this on beauty products like soaps, shampoos, creams, or anything. You may have seen this font on female products, not to mention it will work out in writing but not recommended from my side since it is overstyled. Like a childish type.

Planet Benson

logo gimp font

Are you trying to find fonts for logos for free? Check out this one, many well-known companies are using this font, so I decided to mention their names as well you can see. I believe the font is not suited for all typography lovers, but good to have people who are creative enough and can turn out a few words into cool logos.

Painty Paint

painty paint gimp font

Another font for GIMP, but this time it is for limited use, I see only painting types of projects will look better with this font style. I am not familiar with painting, and nor have such Experience at all. Honestly, I just came across this one while in search of listing the best fonts, so it seems to me enough good to list this out here. Well, I leave the rest to you guys. Did you really like this one?  Do tell me in the comment section. I will replace it with another one.

Roman SD

roman sd gimp font

This font seems pretty mature, not over-styled, and not so simple. This one font can be utilized for multiple projects, I cannot decide any specific use for this. I believe it will look much better on blog posts, and headings as well. I know many people use GIMP for typography, so the font might be suitable for that purpose, just my personal opinion,

Kiwi School Handwriting

Kiwi School Handwriting gimp font

This font is looking different, actually, I didn’t notice this font anywhere. But it seems super amazing for typography, especially for handwriting projects (headings). Or this font will look cool on the covers. If you ask me, where would I use this font? My answer will be for sure “on my romantic book cover” if I were an author in the first place.

Score Board

core board dotted gimp font

The up drift of esports made me count this font in this list, it is also 100% free to use with GIMP. Basically, I thought this font would be better for presenting game scores. Many popular or better say that in all games, on the scoreboard use this font to show the numbers. Truly i had never faced any project like this, but I hope so someone will find this useful.

Taco Box

taco box gimp font

This font will make typography easier, a few inches. Honestly, it is not looking that cool but I see if we change the color then, it will turn out to be a good choice. And it is true people are creative enough that they will find their way around to implement this font for the better. Overall, it LOOKS PERFECT.

Ferro Rosso

Ferro Rosso gimp font

I have always been fond of finding fonts, and this one came from my search. The story behind this, I was finding the font the Ferrari uses in their company title. I accept I didn’t find the exact one but here is what I got in replacement. It looks pretty similar, I see hardly any person could find any difference. I leave the rest up to you, you can better figure out the uses for this.

Times no Roman

Times no Roman gimp font

Did you do typography? Sometimes to explain a longer query short like QUOTES this one is of that type font. So to say, you can’t put this font on a mail to send to your girlfriend, it will not work like that. So, I hope you understand this much better!. Use it only for typography “Quotes”.

Crazy Cartoon

crazy cartoon gimp font

If you create sketches like cartoonish types on GIMP, then to give it a title you should use this font that will match perfectly with your cartoonish Art. I have no words to speak about this font. So, again, it is up to you how do you use this one.

Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box gimp font

Spread the love with this font. This is what came up in my mind right after looking at it. The slimmer and elongated caps make this font quite interesting, truly I would love to use it on my typography project that carries a msg towards spreading love or something like Quote for love. It is super adorable.

Good Times

Good Times gimp font

In the first place, what do you think about using this font? Yes, it is perfect, no matter which point of view you see it aged, modern, balanced, it indeed stands out for all the types. You can see it for a general title, on websites, on product titles, it will give you an amazing and attractive look.

Cursive Font

Cursive GIMP font

Cursive font, best for logo designing, pen drawing, engraving, etc. Mostly used for writing a letter, invitations, etc. Cursive fonts are also used in writing diplomas and certificates.

Handwriting Draft

Gimp handwriting font

The handwriting draft font looks more like old English and looks elegant and bookish. Handwriting fonts are usable for drafting books. Most old English books have similar fonts.

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