Best Golang Projects- TOP 16

Golang is a nine year old programming language and is similar to Python language in nature. However, python projects Golang draws an entirely different path, difference in projects thus is apparent.

Since the Golang language is more aligned towards web stuff, there are many web based Golang frameworks if you want to have a look at, so the projects are also related to Web.

Here are Popular Projects built by using Golang language.

1. Httprouter:

golang Httprouter

Httprouter is a high efficiency request router. It is also called multiplexer or just mux. 

The router is better at scaling and it is also better at supporting the variables present in the routing pattern and also matches them against the request method. 

This router is prepared to perform efficiently. It is better at scaling as it can do so with long paths and large number of routes.  It uses a compressing dynamic trie which ensures high performance matching. 

Features of Httprouter:

  • It gives the best performance. 
  • It makes sure there are no more server crashes. 
  • It is perfect for APIs; this means that router is designed in a way that encourages building of sensible and hierarchal APIs.
  • It ensures Zero garbage. 
  • It consists of Auto Path Correction. This ensures that any missing slashes or commas or capital letters are added by the router automatically.
  • It provides parameters in your routing pattern. 

2. Zap:

golang zap project

Zap provides its users with fast, structured, and levelled logging. Zap uses a reflection-free, zero allocation JSON encoder that makes sure that the application does not slow down. 

Zap has built the highly efficient SugaredLogger, this enables the user to choose when they have to count the allocations or when they want to choose a familiar, loosely typed API. 

Features of zap:

Listed below are some of the features provided by zap:

  • It is fast and does not slow down.
  • It is well structured, giving users a chance the chance to use zap efficiently.
  • It provides its users with leveled logging. 

3. Vuls:

Vuls golang project

Vuls is another project created by using Golang. It is a non-proprietary vulnerability scanner. It carries out automatic vulnerability checks on the software that has been downloaded in the users system. 

In order to scan remote hosts, Vuls uses SSH. It can be downloaded with ease by following a few simple steps. 

Vuls scans Libraries, networks, WordPress, Linux, and Free BSD to name a few. 

Vuls is widely used by people due to its various features.

Features of Vuls:

  • It carries out high quality scans. 
  • It offers fast scans which means you can scan without any dependencies, the scan puts no load on the server and can be used offline as well. 
  • It offers fast root scan which puts no load on the target, it detects process which are affected by the updates.
  • It consists of both dynamic and static scans.
  • It can scan WordPress core, themes, and plugins. 

4. Fyne:

golang project fyne

Fyne is a user friendly UI toolkit and app API that is written using golang. Fyne is made to build applications that can be run on computers or computers using one single codebase. 

The latest version of Fyne is 2.0, this was the second update since the release of Fyne. It now includes various added features. The default theme has also been improved with various widgets and designs. 

Fyne is going to be releasing a new version very soon as it is in the process of being made. 

Features of Fyne:

  • Fyne works well on both Android and iOS and can also be used on desktops. 
  • It provides users with an efficient way of writing widgets. 
  • Fyne can be used to build applications for various platforms. 

5. Wuzz:

Wuzz is designed as an interactive CLI tool which is used for HTTP inspection. The command line arguments of Wuzz can be similar to the command line arguments of cURL. 

Therefore, it can be used for inspection or modification of requests that are copied from the user’s browser’s network inspector via the cop as cURL feature. 

Features of Wuzz:

  • It can efficiently carry out inspection of requests. 
  • It can easily and quickly modify the requests if needed. 
  • It consists of the “copy as cURL feature”

6. Gophish:

Gophish : golang project

Gophish, just like its name suggests is a phishing tool. It is an open source phishing tool which is specifically made for businesses. 

Installing Gophish is an extremely easy task. All you have to do is install and extract the zip file. Gophish has versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

Gophish lets you set up templates and targets. It also lets you launch the campaigns whenever you like by scheduling them. With Gophish, you can also track the results and use the results in the reports. 

Features of Gophish:

Here are some features that are provided to Gophish users:

  • It can easily be downloaded by a single click and will be ready for your use in seconds. 
  • It consists of Full Rest API. 
  • It consists of an easy to use web interface. It allows Import of existing websites and emails, enables email open tracking, and more with just a single click.
  • Gophish is extremely easy to set up and easy to use.
  • It saves all the results automatically so that you do not have to go through the hassle.
  • It is available for various platforms. 

7. Glide:

Glide project for golang

Glide is a package manager that is used for Go. It is similar to package managers that are available for other languages. 

Glide can easily be installed and used by users due to its easy to use nature. Also, Glide works with both Semantic versions and Semantic version ranges. Gide also uses Godep, GPM, Gom, and GB to import configuration. 

Features of Glide:

Here are some features offered by Glide:

  • It has a dependency management which can be managed easily.
  • Glide supports versioning packages.
  • Glide also supports aliasing packages.
  • Glide supports both local and global plugins which can be customized. 
  • It supports the VCS tools that are supported by Go.
  • It offers both repository caching and data caching in order to increase the performing ability.
  • It allows you to manage and install dependencies according to your needs. 

8. Qt:

QT for golang

Qt is a non-proprietary widget toolkit. It is used to create graphical user interfaces and cross-platform applications. These applications and run on various software and hardware platforms. 

While you are writing down the code you can access the Qt applications. You can easily find everything that you require and can build a Qt application with ease. 

Also, Qt can be downloaded with ease by just following a few simple steps. Qt will help you create beautiful interfaces and will let you code using different powerful tools. 

Features of Qt:

  • It is a cross-platform widget toolkit.
  • It builds different applications on a single codebase. 

9. Go Cloud:

golang cloud development kit

Go cloud development kit is a non-proprietary project which builds libraries and tools that help in improving the process of developing for the cloud. 

Go cloud will provide you with commonly used APIs that can be used all across cloud providers. It also allows to write cloud libraries. 

Go Cloud uses portable APIs using which the code can be written, the code can be tested using the local version of the API and then can be used by a cloud provider.

Go cloud can be downloaded just by a single click and can be used with ease by users. 

Features of Go Cloud:

  • It provides users with unstructured binary storage.
  • It provides you with publish or subscribe option. 
  • It consists of variables that can change during the run time. 
  • It provides you with opportunity of connecting with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
  • It provides you with server set ups and diagnostics. 

10. Pgweb:

pgweb for golang

Pgweb is a database browser for PostgreSQL. It is basically web-based. Pgweb has been written using Golang and can be used on various machines such as OSX, Linux, and Windows. 

It is a simple and portable application that can be used for PostgreSQL. 

It can easily be downloaded by simply visiting its website. 

Features of Pgweb:

Here are some of the features provided by Pgweb:

  • It can be used on various platforms including Linux, OSX, and Windows. 
  • It can be installed with ease. You can either install it manually, use Docker or Homebrew. 
  • It has no dependencies. This means Pgweb requires no special software to run. You can just directly download it and run it. 
  • I has flexible sessions. This means it can work with any PostgreSQL server without any pertaining issue.
  • It is very easy to use with no complex features. 
  • It supports various versions of PostgreSQL starting with 9.1. it can support the older versions as well. 

11. Thanos:

thanos project for golang

Thanos is an open source Prometheus setup. It has long term storage abilities and is highly available for users. 

It aims to provide its users with a global query view of metrics, an unlimited retention, and high availability of different contents. 

Features of Thanos:

Here are some of the features that Thanos offers to its users:

  • It gives a global querying view of all connected servers.
  • It provides deduplication and merger of different metrics.
  • It provides seamless integration.
  • It down samples data to speed up the massive query.
  • It provides cross-cluster federation.
  • It provides easy integration points for custom metric providers. 

12. Riot Search:

riot search project for golang

Riot Search is a search engine. It is an open source search engine that is easy to use and works efficiently. 

Features of Riot Search:

  • It provides efficient indexing and search.
  • It supports logical search.
  • It provides Chinese word segmentation.
  • It provides with token proximity. 
  • It supports the calculation of BM25 Correlation. 
  • It provides custom scoring fields and rules. 
  • You can add online or delete index using Riot Search. 
  • It provides multiple persistent storage. 
  • It gives importance to word segmentation rules. 

13. Server:

Server is a simple platform that is used for sending and receiving messages. It is a self-hosted service which provides various features to the users.

Features of Server:

  • You can send messages using REST-API
  • You can receive messages through WebSocket.
  • It allows you to manage users, clients and the applications. 
  • It provides you with different plugins. 
  • It can be used on web, android, or CLI. 

14. Docker:

docker for golang

Docker is a contrization technology app. It helps take away all the slow configuration processes and helps you manage a working environment for your a project with efficiency. 

It helps you to build, share, and run your app without any issues. 

Features of Docker:

  • It offers easy and fast configuration.
  • It helps increase your productivity.
  • It provides you with the feature of application isolation. 
  • It provides you with routing mesh. 
  • It [provides users with excellent security management.

15. Kubernetes:

Kubernetes for golang

Kubernetes which is also known as k8s is an open source system used for automation deployment, scaling and the management of containerized applications. 

Kubernetes is being used for the past 15 years and is extremely popular. 

Features of Kubernetes:

  • It provides consumers with automatic scheduling.
  • It consists of self-healing capabilities. 
  • It provides with automatic rollouts and rollback.
  • It consists of horizontal scaling and load balancing.
  • It makes sure that every component acts independently. 

16. InfluxDB:

influxdb for golang

InfluxDB is a non-proprietary time series platform. It helps developers in building IoT, analytics and monitoring software. 

It is specifically built to control the large volumes and uncountable sources of data produced by sensors, applications and infrastructures. 

It uses powerful API and tools that help to speed up the process and make things easy for the developers.

Features of InfluxDB:

  • It provides users with a language similar to SQL.
  • It uses HTTP API for data ingestion and queries.
  • It consists of built in support for various data protocols. 


All of the above listed projects are made using Golang. These are rich and promising projects that are now being used as well. 

We hope you find these projects to be useful!

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