12 interesting Intermediate Python Projects (Added GIF)

Whether you are learning python or Java, essentially developing projects on your own is the fastest way to master a language sooner than later.

These are 12 Python intermediate projects to build as a python programmer.

1. Music Player

music player project in python-min

You can share this with your friends, family, and get some feedback to improve your programming skills further. Besides, building a music player on your own is also necessary as per some important aspects.

Such as we know nowadays it has become difficult to find a player who has no ads or at least minimum ads. Therefore you should build for this purpose, and see if this excites you or not.

The following python project can be extended to an advanced level by implementing some further Python logic.

Aside from just playing mp3 songs, you can add some additional folders where a user can list out his/her favorite songs, share songs, change sound settings, etc.

Endless possibilities are out there if you just dig a little down.

First, we have to import music files from the storage, which is where we have to use the Tkinter library to get the songs files as well as the rendering menu and further options.

And for music playing, stopping, the Pygame library is for these functions. It comes with such features by default, so we don’t need to create manually.

2. Tetris Game

tetris game project in python-min
  • Pygame Library. Use Pip Install Pygame

It is a game where we avoid horizontal gaps while the blocks keep dropping down from the top. Different sizes and shapes of the block make this Tetris game fun as well as problematic.

It was so popular in the early ’90s. Fortunately, you can make this puzzle game with only Python programming. It is neither too easy nor too advanced.

Meanwhile, it depends on your Python skills. If you make this game stand out again, you can also use it in your resume as a showcase project.

A python project that will enhance your python logic while having fun.

You can extend this project to an extra stage, add some problematic conditions, give it a cool-looking interface, that would speak for itself.

You may find trouble with some figure logic when developing this Python game project.

For instance, put your mind on a block of three boxes, when rotating we have to define each one’s color property, and the rotation counts as well, in order to when rotating we can rotate colors respectively.

That’s why we have to understand the figure’s logic in the first place.

figures = [
       [[1, 5, 9, 13], [4, 5, 6, 7]],
       [[1, 2, 5, 9], [0, 4, 5, 6], [1, 5, 9, 8], [4, 5, 6, 10]],
       [[1, 2, 6, 10], [5, 6, 7, 9], [2, 6, 10, 11], [3, 5, 6, 7]], 
       [[1, 4, 5, 6], [1, 4, 5, 9], [4, 5, 6, 9], [1, 5, 6, 9]],
       [[1, 2, 5, 6]],

This might be helpful to you. Now using python language, you can map them with a color block while rotating. We can use Pygame for time intervals, color mapping, music, and GUI interface.

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3. Website Blocker

website blocker project in python-min
  • No additional tools required.

Again this is a project you can share with people around you. If you don’t know what a blocker does, it blocks specific websites that you don’t want anyone to access from your computer.

It is like putting a filter for any purpose.

You can block social media websites, adult websites, dating websites, and so on. If you have gotten the main idea of this project and it sounds interesting to you, go ahead.

Using only Python programming skills, you can develop this project on your own.

Most of the website blockers are paid to use if you don’t know already, and the free ones come with too many ads and security threats.

With all this, you have a chance to make a powerful website blocker. Lastly, you can go viral with this intermediate python project.

The basic idea is to build a python Desktop program. That can block some websites from a machine. Adding extra stuff you can make this look awesome with a beautiful GUI will be even challenging for you.

It is going to be easy for you. It does not demand any library, just simple python logic. Mostly, these types of tools are made from using java, c#, but Python can also develop this.

4. YouTube Videos downloader

youtube downloaer project in python-min
  • Pytube Library. Use Pip install pytube, if it doesn’t work then Pip import pytube, then download

This python project is for downloading YouTube videos, although it is illegal to download videos from YouTube, as far as you don’t want to make this tool public you should try developing this tool by using Python language.

All you require is a URL of the video you want to download, put a URL into this tool and it will extract the video and download it to your storage.

You can list the video formats as choices such as 360, 480, 720, 1080, so one can download a video in the desired video format. You can build this Interesting Python project, even if you are a beginner.

The basic idea is to build a Python program that can extract youtube from a youtube URL. It will be a suitable Python project for intermediate programmers.

Aside from just downloading a video, you can modify it and add options for choosing the desired video format before downloading.

We use the Pytube library, which has almost everything by default that is needed. Simply you will have to focus on three basic principles.

First, putting the URL, second is extracting video, and third and last define storage for the downloaded video. You find the Modules for each in this Library.

5. Text or Notepad

notepad project in python-min
  • Tkinter Library. Use Pip install Tkinter.

It is an app where one can set reminders, draw daily routines, and tasks on a weekly basis, and so forth.

You might have also used this before. However, if you don’t already know, you can build a text pad using python language. It would not be so simple for you if you are a beginner.

That’s the reason we have counted this app in our list of intermediate python projects, yet a beginner can also build this.

Furthermore, if you want to check your programming skills limits, then you have a chance to add more specific features to this app.

A standard notepad using python language, there is also a large possibility of extending its features such as adding voice notes, fonts, save, copy & paste, and sharing.

To make it even channeling you can use the voice-emotion detector feature. That will note down the voice note as well emotion of that speaker through voice.

in this Python project, the Tkinter library is suitable.

Most of its functions are in a GUI interface, where the Tkinter fits best. And if you are a beginner, you should try this project to test your skills. And see how interesting you can make this.

6. Writing text speed tester

typing speed checker project in python-min

In this app or tool, a user can check his/ her typing speed.

It is basically not an advanced project either, yet one can learn and improve his python skills with this basic python project because it requires so many different python logics.

I must say here if you have not yet developed any Python project, choose this one. You may find it interesting.

This project is indeed a simple, no specific way to spread out its features.

In this project, no additional library is needed. Even if you have basic Python skills, you will most likely develop this yourself.

7. Plagiarism checker

plagiarism checker project in python-min

Many people are looking for the best duplicate content checker. Sadly there is no one yet for free. A Plagiarism content checker is an online tool that can tell whether the content is duplicate or genuine.

I guess it is hard to guess the importance of such a tool, besides many of us don’t need such a tool. However, we are assuming the bloggers and online content marketers who always want real and genuine content.

Gladly, if you have understood the importance of such software, you can develop this using python language.

Altogether you have a chance to publish your project online so people around the world can benefit from your invention.

It will not be easy, it will require at least intermediate python programming skills, only if you aim to make this tool stand out in the market.

In this project, we build our algorithm that can find out the text if a similar text exists anywhere on the web. Undoubtedly it is going to be troublesome but also a big approach as well. 

You can publish the tool on the internet. A big number of bloggers are out there demanding such a tool, for free.

Use the sci-kit-learn python library that can make it easier to build an algorithm. Besides, the project is more aligned towards machine learning, so having a good grip over some ML tools is favorable.

8. Web Crawler

Web Crawler project in python-min

Web crawlers are the most advanced technologies to collect data around the internet. However, you may not find this one interesting until you have an interest in the internet.

In the event that if you don’t know, a web crawler’s job is to collect specific data from different websites. Let’s say you want to have all the doctors’ names, email addresses, or contact information from a certain country.

Doing this manually will take you weeks over weeks, but a similar task can be handled more effectively when you own a web crawler. It is also used in data science when doing web scraping.

In this project, we build a custom web spider that analyses many websites in a matter of seconds. However, it is an intermediate project, as its functions are limitless. Therefore, it often becomes troublesome even for experts.

Use the Scrapy library to scrape the content on the internet. It has built-in modules that make this task easier than doing manually. Moreover, web scraping is the basis of learning Data Science.

10. Gender and Age Detector

gender and age detector project in python-min

A large number of people prefer this language for this specific area. Accordingly, Projects like this Gender and Age Detector are a kind of ML where we build a tool and teach it some aspects to detect gender.

Thus, the more deeply you teach the tool, the better output you will get. Basically, there is no limitation for implementing Python logic.

You can make it as advanced as you could. I must say here that this Python project can be bothersome for experts in the Python language.

In this python project, we build a program that can detect gender and age when showing an image. Basically, the project is more aligned with artificial intelligence.

Ultimately you will find developing this project joyful if you have an interest in training your computer.

These types of AI python projects mostly need data to understand what to do, the more in-depth data you input, the better yield will get.

11. Speech emotions recognition

speech emotions recognition gender and age detector project in python.gif-min

What happens in this tool, you code it in such a manner that it can detect emotions from a voice. Such that the tool can detect whether the speaking person is sad, happy, angry, confused, and so forth.

By thinking of this tool, you can get the idea of how problematic it could be for a beginner in python, that’s why you are recommended to get at least intermediate-level python skills, after that you might complete this project on your own.

In this Python project, we instruct a machine to sense emotion from a voice. Take it. We want a machine to understand human logic.

Basically, the following project is suitable for an intermediate to expert Python developer. However, there are no certain limits you can do.

Use the collection of voices with different emotions, train your program to judge every single emotion. It is up to you how much effort you put into instructing your machine. Using python tools, you can make a beautiful GUI app for this tool.

12. Color Name detector in python

color detector gender and age detector project in python.gif-min

This color name detector may fill up your interest. In this project, we build a tool that can detect the color names from an image.

Well, it is simple for us to make a difference in color but when you want your computers to do the same. It will not be such an easy project as you might have thought—anyway, the possibilities of making this sky-scraping.

Even if you are a beginner just going to build an intermediate level project in python, you have full-arm open with this project as there is going to use only a little bit of Python coding.

This project’s base idea is to develop a tool that can differentiate color names, primarily these projects used to train computers, to build robots that understand human logic.

Use the CV file that we have linked above, because there is a total of approx. 16.5 million colours, each one coming from RGB  (Red, Green, Blue). Thus, the file has the number of colour data for this python project.

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