Top 5 Cross Platform Mobile Development Frameworks

In today’s world of technology, everyone is holding smartphone in hand. Smartphone are becoming vital part of our daily life routine. We often used different kind of applications through these devices to fulfill our daily life tasks. There are several mobile operating systems available but here are two most leading and useful mobile operating systems. One is android and the second one is iOS.

These operating systems have many pros and cons from user point of view and also from developer point of view. These platforms become issue when you have to develop an app for one platform and it doesn’t work in another. Thanks to cross platform mobile development frameworks that lets you create single application for multiple platforms.

Most frameworks have a built-in powerful modeling engine that can configure business fields, list views, and page layouts arbitrarily. Even business people who don’t know programming can quickly create intelligent and mobile enterprise applications.

  • Business object: Business objects are equivalent to tables in the database and are used to store core data in the business system.
  • List view: By configuring the list view, end users can quickly switch multiple query conditions
  • Page layout: The page layout controls how the records are displayed, and different page layouts can be assigned according to user permissions.

After the data modeling is completed, the prototype of the business system is automatically generated. Framework dynamically generates the back-end service interface and front-end operation interface of the business system according to the business model.

The Benefit of mobile development framework is that it  provides an entry point for low-code development. By writing code, developers can implement business logic such as automatic operation, interception, and rollback under specific conditions, allowing business to operate automatically without being on duty, driving efficiency Promote.

What Actually Cross Platform Mobile Development Is?

The cross platform mobile development means that you have to develop apps while maintaining the bases of different operating systems source codes. As we mentioned above that Android and iOS are most used operating systems and they used different tools like SDK for Android and Xcode for iOS.

So, as a developer you have to develop such apps which should support multiple platform but also keeping in mind the resources available for development. Fortunately, there are different cross formatting frameworks available in the market through which you can easily achieve your required results.

Top 5 Cross Platform Mobile Development Frameworks

Here are top 5 best cross platform mobile development frameworks available for you as a developer.


Rhodes is an open-source cross platform mobile development framework which is being offered by RhoMobile based on Ruby. It will permit you as a developer to create wide range of native apps along with option to span it over different operating systems and smartphones available today. The operating systems available in this framework to test includes Android, Symbian, iPhone, RIM and Windows Phones.

In this framework, you will only need to code once for your app. The code will be used for building apps regarding major smartphones. You can do your job with ease and speed along with maintaining the accuracy to create native apps with available hardware.

Other offers from RhoMobile includes hosted development environment named as Developers Rhohub and also RhoSync. These servers can be used to record the current data of apps on user handheld devices.

PhoneGap/Apache Cordova

PhoneGap changed to new name as Apache Cordova. It is another great and widely used cross platform mobile development framework with FOSS environment that will allow you to create applications for different range of operating systems and devices. You can develop apps for Android, iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Palm, BlackBerry and Symbian enabled devices. HTML and JavaScript are the two standard web development languages used in this framework.

In this framework, the developers will be allowed to work with the hardware features of devices such as accelerometer, camera, sound, GPS/location etc. There are different online training courses available from PhoneGap for the developers to understand the working of this framework and can build mobile apps through the use of this framework.

Appcelerator Titanium

The third cross platform mobile development framework in our list is Appcelerator Titanium. It is used by developers to develop native apps for mobiles, tablets and desktops through the use of web programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby. There are above 1,000 apps being powered by Titanium framework per month. In this framework, you as a developer can stream audio clip in one single line of code instead of writing 50 to 500 lines of code in other frameworks.


Another widely used cross platform mobile development framework based on web programming is MoSync. In this framework, there are different kind of tools available to ease the developer like compiler, libraries and device profiles etc. Contrary to this, they are planning to give support for other programming languages as well like Python, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript etc. MoSync is supportive for operating systems like Android, Symbion, Windows Mobile and Linux bistro. The support for BlackBerry and iOS is planned to give soon in the next version of MoSync.

Adobe Air 

The last but not the least cross platform mobile development framework is Adobe Air. This platform is used to develop applications for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices by using different tools and languages like JavaScript, ActionScript, Adoble Flash Builder and Adobe Flash Professional. This platform can be used to develop and create fancy interfaces for the applications and used especially for games development.

So, these are top 5 cross platform mobile development frameworks which can be used to develop apps easily for different platforms. But, you cannot create whole application by using any single framework because cross platform development will need more functionality in your app. So, you have to choose more than one framework to develop your required professional application. However, you can create cross platform based application easily through the use of these frameworks.

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