How Hard Is it to Learn Java?

Can you recall the day when you were scared to fall off a bicycle? Or when you took your first dive in the swimming pool? Any memories of your first day at school? Or your first driving experience? Most of us are shaky before taking that first step, first dive or first ride. But would you exchange your skills with the surety of feeling safe? Of course not! 

The “Hard” Truth 

The “hard” truth is, everyone is uncertain, cynical and rather indolent of putting in hard work to achieve something. 

If you’re mistaken into thinking that Java is a piece of cake, I’m sorry for you. But nothing is a piece of cake when you don’t know it, right? On a friendly note, you can even get it from the title (How Hard Is it to Learn Java?). It means you already believe Java is “hard”. You’re just here to know how much! Once you were even scared to learn cycling, but did you give up? No. So you won’t give up now either. 

What Makes it “So-Hard”?

The fact that people are just panicked and never actually plunge into the learning path makes it “so hard”. Yes, you heard me. That’s just it. If you never start, you never know.

All you need to know before getting started is that it will be challenging along the way. So you need to have faith in yourself and your journey. Take it one step at a time. And eventually, you will reach your destination. It’s essential to know why you’re getting started. This will keep your drive alive on the way. 

Is It really that “Hard”? 

Java can be testing at the beginning if this is your very first programming language. However, if you’re working in advanced languages like Python your journey might be different. Contrarily, if you’ve worked on older languages like C/C++ then moving to Java would be a blessing for you. I personally learnt Java after C/C++, and I absolutely fell in love with it. 

Everyone will have their own journey and struggles. What sets us apart is the dedication to attain our goal.

How to make learning Java Easier?

Now let’s talk about the “fix”! You can make your path a whole lot easier and interesting just by following these steps. 

Learning the Basics

Here’s a big giveaway: If you’re beginning with any language, your target is not to memorize the syntax. Make sure you focus on the variables, loops, arrays, object-oriented programming, advanced data structures, algorithms and so on. Your goal is to become a great programmer by building solid problem-solving capabilities. 

If you’re a great logic builder and a problem solver you will kick out a great chunk in competition. A good deal of companies like Google and Amazon require skilled problem solvers (focusing on Data Structures and Algorithms). So learning the latest technologies and required languages become a piece of cake for them. 

Keep Practicing

As mentioned earlier, concepts are the key! You need to keep practicing new concepts in Java. Every language has a systematic approach to it. After you figure out your outline make sure you exercise and write code

We all are guilty of missing out on practice as it can come off boring. But the truth is, that practice what makes you a confident programmer. Solve beginner level to harder problems. Test your outputs and validate your solution. Use IDE to debug your code.

If you don’t know what to practice and how to navigate your path of learning Java we recommend you to learn Java online on Code Gym. It’s the best program available to help you start learning Java from scratch.

Make best possible use of Online Resources

Do not underestimate the power of online available support. Start from a Java Blog over the online community CodeGym. It’s all readily available for your rescue. Learning in silos can make your progress sluggish. You’ll be surprised to find the fixes of most problems in online communities. 


By now you must be all buckled up to take this leap of faith. Good luck and happy learning!

Meta Description: If Java is not on your skills spectrum and you’re thinking of learning it. If the learning curve has put you off, then this post is here to bust your fears.

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