How to Update Python in Kali Linux?

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Kali Linux comes with Python3 installed, but you need to make sure it’s updated as older versions of python may not work any longer.

Before Updating the kali Linux, first, determine what python version is currently installed in it. For this, open the Kali Linux terminal, and type Python — version. Hit enter to run this command and it will show the version of python in your kali Linux.

As of now (2022, 20th October) The latest version of python is Python 3.9.15. Or verify the latest python version from the official website. Less than this version means it’s older and thus needed an upgrade.

Now start updating python in Kali Linux. Open the Terminal Again. And write this command, sudo apt-get install python3. Hit enter and then enter the password of your Kali Linux to execute this command. An automatic process will start that will download all the essential libraries, and files. Wait for a few minutes to let the process finish.

After this simple step, your python should update if there is nothing wrong with the system from your side.


Make sure you’ve written the correct command (sudo apt-get install python3) without brackets, there should be no extra spaces, commas, or alphabetical mistakes.

Make sure your Kali Linux is updated, otherwise chances of getting an error are normal.

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