How to Update Python in Kali Linux?

You are running Python in Kali Linux default operating system in the old version.

And now you want it to operate in the latest version, like 3.8; you have found the right article to help you. In case you want to update Kali Linux as well. We have step by step guide that will help you.

Updating python in Kali Linux may sound like a hard nut to crack, but don’t hover on its look. Learn to update python in windows as well.

How to Update Python in Kali Linux (All in one)

The Python version is updated in Kali Linux in 3 ways, all involved in one procedure.

The three steps are:

  1. Reinstalling Python and installing it again. Learn to install python on Chromebook.
  2. Updating Python by changing the default version.
  3. Adding python versions to update alternatives.

The whole procedure is explained below.

Updating Python in kali.

Kali Linux Operating system comes with two versions of Python. First, we need to check the python version installed.For this, we need to open the terminal.

Now start updating python.

By clicking on the icon on your desktop window.

console on Kali Linux
  1. Right-clicking on the cursor will open a list of options. Select ‘Open Terminal Here’ to open the terminal.
Open Terminal on Kali Linux
  1. Thus, the terminal window will open. Once it pops up on the screen, then what you have to do is to type the command as explained below.
run python --version in terminal
  1. It will show which version of python you have been using. In this case, it is the 2.7.7 version. It is not the latest version. From Here you can download the newest version of python.
  1. But the latest version that is available for you will appear as follows. This one is neither the most updated version provided by python developers.
python3 --version on terminal for python3
  1. To check the version in the browser, go to the browser, and type in the search bar. Hit the enter key. It will go to the official website of python. Here is
download latest version from web
  1. Just click the download links, and you will see that the latest python version is 3.8.2.
download 3.8.2 for Kali Linux
  1. We can either reinstall or upgrade Python on our system to get that. To update it, go back to your terminal window, and type the sudo-apt command as directed below. 
  • Type the sudo-apt command.
  • Type the keyword for install and tell which version you want—hit enter.
  • It will ask you for the password for users, so give it the default password. Type ok and click enter.
  • It will start upgrading.
install Python in Kali Linux terminal
  1. It will start downloading, and after that, it will try to install. So, it asks whether you want it to happen or not. As you want it to continue, type yes
continue installing Python packages
  1. It will start to upgrade or install once you type yes. Then it will download everything, and it will complete the installation of python’s updated version. 
  1. It will take some time, such as some minutes maximum, and give the confirmation that it has been installed successfully.
  1. Hence the installation has been successful! And you can say that python has been upgraded to the latest version.
  1. To check the updated version, type the former python 3, space, and version, then hit the enter key. It will show you that the python version is 3.8.2, which is the latest version. 
Complete python update from python2 to python3
  1. The steps have been completed. Now do your projects and have fun.

Video Links that can help you understand the process better 

These video links will help guide you better.

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It’s time to wrap up

Wrapping it up, what we learned is that updating python in Kali Linux is not such a bamboozling work as one is forced to think. It can be easily done using the sudo-apt command code in the terminal window. The guidelines above surely make the process look like a piece of cake. 

Convey your further queries in the comment section below, and don’t forget to give your feedback as well. 

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