Opera vs chrome browser- Which is better?

If you use the internet, you are likely to use an Opera or Chrome browser regardless of where you are located or what device you use.

A huge chance is you’ve heard people comparing them, just to figure out which is the best.

Opera vs Chrome

Google Chrome is opensource an excellent bwoser if you’re into Google products such as Gmail, GDrive, GPay, etc. Chrome ishighly customizable with tons of themes and third-party extensions. On the other hands, Opera is lightweight browser, compared to chrome it eats less resources so best suited for low-end devices.

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Python VS Anaconda programming- Which is better for?

Many developers are getting confused between anaconda VS Python when it comes to programming or data science-type approaches.

Here is the difference between python vs anaconda.

Python programming leads to multi-purposes, whereas anaconda is most likely preferred for Data science projects. Anaconda comes with pre-built libraries that save a lot of time for projects like ML to get started quickly.

While in Python programming, a developer usually has to spend extra time and effort downloading various libraries one by one. Such that Numpy, Panda, Script, and so forth.

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Miniconda vs Anaconda- What are the differences?

When choosing between the python managing systems, people are often confused between Miniconda and Anaconda.

In this article, let me clear the ambiguities by comparing Miniconda and Anaconda and help you choose the right management system according to your needs.

Miniconda and Anaconda are the software used to manage the package flow and simplify the deployment system of any project.

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PyCharm vs VSCode | The Best Code Editor for Python

If you are a python developer, then you have probably asked yourself the same question that many others have: Which IDE or code editor should I use for Python programming?

There are plenty of options to choose from, and it’s hard to find the best Python IDE. PyCharm and Visual Studio Code are two widely used Python IDE.

This blog post discusses these two IDEs with an overview of their features and why they might be better suited for your coding journey.

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