Vi vs Vim- Which one is better Linux Editor?

Text editors in Unix-based OS(es) Linux, Mac, or any other comes in tablets or laptops. Most have a default text editor either the VI or VIM.

The decision to pick one is very straightforward.

You will find most people voting for Vim over Vi because it’s an improved version with updated features.

The main difference

VIM is an abbreviation for Vi Improved- a clone is a modified version of the vi text editor program for Unix systems. With its graphical user interface, Vim offers both forms; it can be used as a CLI editor as well as in GUI mode. That being said, previously text editors used to work in only Command-line mode, and at that time, Vim was the only go-to editor.


Purposeit is a text editor that comes up in Unix-based OS(es).An improved version of Vi contains advanced features.
Developed byBill’s joy in 1976.Bram Moolenaar in 1991.
LightweightIt is lightweight and useful when working with Linux distros. Offers multiple features, including a visual editor in-build for highlighting syntaxes, etc. consumes more resources.
Copy-pasteEasier to copy-paste content in this editor- using c and p commands.Difficult to copy and paste using the traditional method. Instead, required, f2 boot.
Find a wordIt can find words.It also can find a specific work in a file.
Easy to learnFor basic editing tasks, it’s easier, however, troublesome when going beyond its limit.It is easier to learn. Has useful documentation right up on its website.
Mouse supportDoes not support a mouse.Support for a mouse.

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How vim is better than Vi?

Although Vim has a vi compatibility mode, it has many enhancements over vi when that mode doesn’t exist.

  • And Even in compatibility mode, Vim is not 100% compatible with vi, as defined in the Single Unix Specification and POSIX (e.g., Vim cannot open vi files, only visuals). It is said that Vim’s developers said that it is very compatible with Vi- which is not true at all. As it has an integrated help system, regular expressions, feature-rich scripting languages
  • A graphical user interface (called gvim), completions, comparisons, and merging of files (via vimdiff), and extended regular expressions. Vim is now overriding vi.
  • Other important features include mouse interaction for formats as well as protocols like SSH, FTP, and HTTP; programmer syntaxes are also highlighted.

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