3 Ways to Run .exe Files on Chrome OS

Exe files are for Windows OS, so in general, ChromeOS does not allow .exe files to run unless you perform some steps to make it run. Mainly, the steps require you to use a third-party application, like Wine, or crossover, which are software for Linux to run incompatible file formats. Or you can also use the online tool “ApponFly” to run the Windows app online on any device, including your Chromebook.

Let’s briefly look at the methods.

Ways to Run .exe Files on Chrome OS

1. using Crossover

A crossover is a tool created for running .exe files on devices, such as ChromeOS. Perform the basic steps to get it installed on your Chromebook and simply select whichever software you want to run, (paid or free)

2. Using wine

Wine is a compatibility layer that allows you to use Windows apps in a Linux environment without going through the emulation route. Install it in your ChromeOS so you will be able to run any .exe files on your Chromebook. Or follow this blog to learn how to use wine to run windows apps on ChromeOS.

3. Using AppOnFly

For this method, also go to the website; AppOnFly 

So go to this website, AppOnFly Cloud, where you can run Windows 10 in your browser, which allows you to try any software and install .exe files online on chrome from any website like Fortnite, epic games, etc. Whatever you want, you can just download it off the web and run it here. 

  1. Click start a free trial.
  1. Search for ‘epic games launcher in the Google search bar and go to its web.
  1. It will say whether you want to run or save it. We will just hit on the run. Now we have an epic games launcher set up. Just click install. Now the epic games launcher is being installed on the Chromebook. 
  1. So this proves that this method really works.