If you are new to the world of web development or you are tired of the IDE you use, you may here find a solution for best PHP IDE.

What is an IDE? , [I]ntegrated [D]evelopment [E]nvironment (integrated development environment), ie a code editor that can also serve to purify and give us the different features required in the development of any application.

We must clarify that it is possible that the same PHP IDE can work with different programming languages, a good example is Eclipse .

Best PHP IDE and PHP code editor


Zend Studio

Many developers work with Zend Studio, the reason is that it is possibly one of the best PHP IDE moment .

It is a PHP IDE provided by Zend Technologies, one of the biggest drivers of PHP, designed to develop web applications and mobile applications in PHP.

Zend Studio is a php text editor for PHP programmers, provide a number of features from the creation and management of projects to debug the code.

A few months ago  Zend announced the availability of Zend Studio Neon . Unlike previous versions, it is no longer an IDE developed in Java which was too slow and memory consumption was high in some cases, is now based on Eclipse , Eclipse is a software platform independent and open source platform for developing the the project called “Rich Client Applications”.

  • Features: excellent code completion, syntax-colored code,
    advanced project management, multiple languages, incorporates the Zend Framework, PHP Documentor, PHP manual. Integration with subversion, browsers, advanced integration with FTP. Support for Web Services, PHP4, PHP5 and SQL.
  • Advantages: speed up your work, has a good debugger, endless options that allow professional development of your applications.
  • Disadvantages: requires license fee that does not include some complex visual HTML editor,.

Download the beta : Zend Studio Neon (registration required, free).

Open Komodo Project

It is a quite unique project for PHP IDE because it is based on the creation of Web applications that run on Firefox while the application is still in still in developing phase.

The Open Komodo Project meets the requirements of the tools for developing free web technology, promoting innovation in web and freedom of choice for developers and end users.

With the creation of the Open Komodo Project, ActiveState join other advocates and Mozilla in promoting the open web. The open web philosophy aims to maintain the integrity of the web as a neutral public space in terms of platform and browser language.

  • Features: support for languages: CSS, HTML, Javascript, XML, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, auto completion of code, syntax checking, syntax colors, HTML preview, project manager, allows you to add extensions or plugin add features.
  • Advantages: quick and easy, helps speed the development of our application.
  • Disadvantages: cost of the license, does not include a debugger.


NetBeans is a PHP IDE originally created as a free alternative to the Java IDE . NetBeans supports multiple languages ​​(PHP, JavaFX, C / C ++, JavaScript, etc.) and frameworks . NetBeans was made ​​open source in 2000 by Sun Microsystems who remained the main sponsor of the project until 2010 when they were acquired by Oracle.

NetBeans is free, open source and cross-platform. It has a huge community of support that is responsible for providing plugins , tutorials and all kinds of training.


Eclipse is a software platform independent open source and  has been widely used as an IDE for different programming language. It can equally be used for other types of client applications such as BitTorrent , Azureus.

The best thing about Eclipse is that it has a large community of users and constantly extending the use of eclipse in different programming language.

Some IDE’s projects with Eclipse are:

  • AspectJ is an extension of the Java language oriented aspects.
  • Project development tools in C / C ++ (CDT) works to provide an integrated development of fully functional C and C ++ Environment for the Eclipse platform.
  • Sub Eclipse IDE for COBOL (COBOL) to build a fully functional COBOL Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Eclipse platform.
  • Java Development Tools (JDT) provides the tools that implement a Java IDE, supporting the development of any Java application, including Eclipse plug-ins.
  • Photran (Photran) is a fully functional IDE for Fortran with support for refactoring.
  • PHP Development Tools works to provide a fully functional PHP IDE for the Eclipse platform.
  • Wolfram Workbench is an Eclipse-based IDE (also available as a plugin for Eclipse) for language Mathematica.
  • PyDev for a fully functional python with support for refactoring and graphical IDE debugger.


Geany is a small and lightweight PHP IDE created with the objective of having the least amount of package dependencies for a specific desktop environment and only requires the GTK2 libraries to run. Geany is able to run on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD , MacOS X, AIX v5.3, Solaris Express and Windows.Only the Windows version lacks some features.

Geany supports over 30 programming languages ​​and has syntax highlighting, autocomplete, automatic closing tags , tips, plugins , etc.

PDT (PHP Development Tools, Eclipse)

PDT (PHP Development Tools) , this project has had a great response from the developers of PHP and has been downloaded more than 300,000 times.

The current version of PHP development tool has:

  • Context-sensitive editor, which provides compile time error, code assistance and code completion.
  • Integration with the Eclipse project model that allows to inspect the use of skyline views and the new PHP Explorer view.
  • Support for graphical debug of PHP code
  • Extensive frameworks and APIs that enable developers and ISVs (independent software vendors) to easily extend PDT to create new and interesting PHP oriented development tools.

You can download this version from the following linkhttp://download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt/downloads .

Aptana (Eclipse)

Aptana is a development environment targeted toward web applications written in Ajax / JavaScript . It is based on Eclipse and can be download for three major platforms (Win, Mac and Linux), either as the same plugin Eclipse , or as a separate application. In either case if you want to edit PHP code with all features provided, the best way is to download eclipse and install Aptana as plugin for Eclipse .

The features of this PHP IDE is similar to other more general IDEs: project management, outline view and preview, autocomplete, macros (in this case, written in JS), document management, etc …

  • Features: HTML development, CSS, Javascript, AJAX support includes popular AJAX libraries (JQuery, Prototype, YUI, Spry, among others), support for Adobe AIR development and iPhone via plugins, Ruby on Rails development, PHP using plugins , FTP communication protocols.
  • Professional Edition Features : editor JSON (Javascript Object Notation), Communication protocols FTPS, SFTP, support Forum.
  • Advantages: allows you to check the compatibility of functions with different browsers, multi-sync local and remote folders, includes plugins for Eclipse.
  • Disadvantages: resource consumption.

Supports the most popular libraries : Prototype, Scriptaculous, Dojo, MochiKit, Yahoo UI, Aflax, JQuery and Rico.

Php Designer

Php Designer is a complete development environment and programming designed specifically for PHP developers, but also allows to work comfortably in other programming languages ​​such as HTML, XHTML, CSS and SQL.

It offers a range of integrated wizards and dialogs that make your task simpler, as well as it allows direct access to code libraries and scripts which is handy and commonly used. It has various utilities, and all kinds of tools, elegant interface design that you can customize with as many as eighteen different ways.

It has FTP client that integrates file browser, correction and autocomplete utilities, integrates Google search and support for projects.


GNU Emacs  text editor is highly customizable php text editor, basically it is an interpreter for Emacs Lips, a dialect of the Lisp programming language, with the addition of extensions that make text editing support.

Emacs supports syntax highlighting colors for a variety of languages. The editor includes documentation and a tutorial for new users. Full support of Unicode for almost any human language and scripts . And a long number of extensions that add more functionality.

Emacs runs on multiple operating systems, the main are: GNU, GNU / Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, Windows, and Solaris.


PHPEdit provides a working environment for those specializing in PHP programming, but also allows working with HTML, XML and TXT. An integrated development environment for Windows with a verity of collection of tools.


EditRocket is a PHP source code editor that supports multiple languages, with basic features such as auto completion, search and syntax highlighting. Also integrates its own FTP and SFTP client with spell checker and text to HTML converter.

EditRocket can be installed on Windows, Linux or Mac for free for a trial period of 30 days, then requires the purchase of a license to continue using it.


Notepad++ is a PHP text editor open source for Windows and is also a perfect replacement for Notepad (the simple Microsoft Notepad). It is under a GPL license.

Notepad++ is based on Scintilla edit component code is written in C and is extremely lightweight. It features syntax highlighting, search, customizable interface, document map, auto completion, tabs to open multiple documents at once, etc.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Dreamweaver CS3 though it is paid, is one of the most used tools to create web sites. Developed for groups of beginners and advanced users.

The importance offered by its extensions tool which allows us to add features to dreamweaver developed by Adobe, or other user community, which will add functionality to this application.

  • Features: HTML, Coldfusion, PHP, ASP VBScript, ASP.NET C #, Javascript, XML, XSLT, CSS, ActionScript, JSP: Windows and MAC, available in several languages, very good completion, syntax coloring in code language platforms , among others. Includes Framework for AJAX, CSS administrator, mobile device support, integration with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks.
  • Advantages: generates enough clean code, allows the creation of pages in different languages, creating templates, site definition.
  • Disadvantages: Internet connection required for product registration, requires at least 512 MB ​​of RAM to install, cost of the license.


Coda is a php text editor created by the people of Panic for Mac OS oriented development. Integrates with a transmission sites, SSH client, visual style sheet editor. License will cost $ 79. Its version 1.1 supports HTML and ActionScript-JPS.

  • Features: comfortable and intuitive interface, this php text editor includes auto-completion for the most common languages, organization of open files in tabs, works smoothly, works for Mac OS.
  • Advantages: features a powerful text editor handles HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, and SQL. Terminal has SSH connection.
  • Disadvantages: cost of the license is not compatible with other operating systems, only mac.


Vim is an advanced PHP editor, and highly configurable. It is an improved version of Vi, the editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a “programmer’s editor”. While some consider it a complete PHP IDE, Vim is not just for programmers, it is also perfect for all kinds of text editing, from writing an email, to editing configuration files.

Although an advanced editor and its use as a programming tool has a curve somewhat steep learning, Vim can be configured to run a very simple way, the style of Notepad, called evim or Easy Vim .

Vim is charityware , ie, your license is compatible with GPL and distributed freely, but the developers requested a donation for the children of Uganda through the ICCF , for those who want to collaborate.

Vim runs on multiple operating systems and is available in different versions.


NVU is an php editor compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It is an open source project, MPL / GPL / LGPL licenses. NVU is based on the Mozilla platform and the design is based Gecko. Primarily developed by Linspire.

  • Features: FTP site administrator, Editor CSS, HTML and CSS validator includes.
  • Advantages: very fast, easy to use, allows maintenance according to W3C standards, support for XML and CSS.
  • Disadvantages: only allows working with tables, few options, few languages ​​support.

Quanta Plus

Quanta Plus PHP Editor is a code based on Bluefish. It is a open source project under the GPL. Available for Linux under the KDE environment.

  • Features: project manager, HTML, XML, PHP, CSS support, templates, plugins support, integrated preview files.
  • Advantages: Free, easy to use, provides color code faster, code completion.


Sublime Text is one of the best editors available today. It is light and simple, the simple yet elegant visual appearance, automation for code changes, but mostly for its great customizability : Sublime Text incorporates a lot of plugins to do just about anything.

It is available for all platforms, and although it is a commercial product, it can be tested for free full version.

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With a look similar to Sublime Text, Atom is a text editor created by GitHub, the popular collaborative platform project with version control. It is developed with C ++ and Node.js, using different technologies websites like CoffeeScript, CSS or HTML. A true wonder for the programmer.

Currently, the executable is available for Mac, however, the source code is available for Windows, Mac and GNU / Linux.

Adobe Brackets

If you’re a front-end developer working with technologies such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript or similar, an interesting option is to use Adobe Brackets . It is an open source PHP code editor designed specifically for web designers, which has a fantastic and visually appealing with integrated utilities that greatly facilitate the work of a developer. Also supports add-ons and plugins, making it very customizable.

It is released under an open source license (MIT) and is available for Windows, Mac and GNU / Linux.

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Your favorite php text editor did not appear in the list editor? or know any equal or more powerful than any of these ? I invite you to share with us in the comments.