11 best android OS & Emulator for Windows and Mac

Here is the best Android Emulator you can download for free on any operating system.

1.Genymotion – Cross-platform Android Emulator for app testing – Genymotion is not an operating system but an Android emulator for PC like Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is most useful to create a test environment for Android development. It is very user-friendly and delivers amazing results.

2. PrimeOS – Android x86-based OS for PCs/Laptops- PrimeOS is another platform that brings the Android experience to PC. It is specifically designed for computer desktops. PrimeOS is engineered for you if you love playing games on PC. It lets you install various applications and games available only for Androids. It comes in three free different flavors; PrimeOS classic, PrimeOS Standard, and PrimeOS Mainline.

3. Koplayer – Android Emulator for PC and Mac- Koplayer is another free option that you find a great alternative if you are a Clash of Clan lover. You can leverage the Koplayer emulator to play a number of Android games on PC and install different Android Apps on PC. The features like customization, search option, and full-featured navigation interface make it highly user-friendly. List of best android OS for pc and Mac

4. Remix OS is Android OS available for free to download. It is a lightweight operating system with multi-window functionality. Due to its lightweight and portability, it can easily be installed on a USB pend drive. The minimum storage requirement for this OS is 8GB.

5. Phoenix OS is another Android OS for you if you want to experience Android games on big screens. New versions of Phoenix OS support 64bit machines and the interface is similar to Remix OS. It is based on lightweight Android 7.1 with all the features that Remix OS has; like multi-windows, peripheral support, availability of desktops, etc.

6. OpenThos is another open-source Android OS for x86-based PCs. The user interface is similar to Windows OS. It only supports 64bit machines. You can follow the steps here to install OpenThos OS on your PC.

7. Fyde OS is another choice to bring Android to PC. This operating system supports 64-bit systems. It is nothing but a fork of Chrome OS and supports the Chinese language. The source code for this project is on GitHub. You can contribute to the source code if you are a developer. You can install in on Windows with dual boot. Here is the documentation that shows step-by-step instructions

8. Android X86 Project is another open-source Android operating system that gives you the feeling of Android on big screens. It supports X86 systems. It is highly customizable which is not available in most of the above-listed OS. The interface is very straightforward and simple to use and supports multiple languages. The recently released version is Android-x86 8.1-r6 released, which supports Google Play Store. This project is backed up by multiple sponsors and a big open-source community.

9. Bluestacks is one of the most prominent Android emulators that is mostly used by gamers to plan Android games on big screen. It supports more than 2 million multiple-genre games backed up by some famous companies like intel, AMD, Qualcomm, etc. Some of the famous games that are available on this platform are Lord of Heroes, RAID, King of Avalon, Rise of Kingdom, State of Survival, etc.

10. Lineage OS is famous for customizing the ROM for Android-based devices. The best part is, it’s freely available and open source. It provides API for developers to play with and a big community to support. The operating system is available in multiple languages, with extra tweaks from the developers. It is considered the best and most updated operating system for Android devices.

11. Bliss OS is an Open Source Android OS available for various device types. It is highly optimized and recommended for PC and tables. The source code and documentation are available on GitHub. Applications and games available for the Android platform can be installed on Bliss OS. Due to its lightweight, it consumes less RAM and CPU and therefore is a highly optimized OS for X86-based devices.

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