[solved] SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing

Python strictly follows the code you write, having a statically typed-language nature makes this language difficult to identify errors before running, also it is a case-sensitive language.

A Lot of errors that can face in the Python language, but we are here taking the most common errors.

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let’s see why you are getting this error in your python code.

What does SyntaxError: Unexpected EOF While Parsing mean?

The Syntax error: unexpected EOF while parsing error means your code has reached the end block and you forgot to close the block of code due to which the code didn’t compile all the block codes.

In python, a code block begins with a statement that follows the next code block.

For example, for i in range (100): , this loop should give a proper statement in the upcoming block code in order to execute the program. Add Print(hello world)

Another reason for this error is when you don’t have enough parenthesis, or mistakenly wrote more than the required parentheses.

Although you can handle this exception, besides using exception handling is a good practice.

You can below see some example errors related to this. Along with mentioned solutions for each so you can have a clear viewpoint to pull this off.

fixing SyntaxError: Unexpected EOF While Parsing for Loop funciton

In python the functions like For loops, if statements, while loops, demand a  special statement next to them in order to execute them, in case you miss the value all code will raise the error.

For example- Look at this Python code,  we have defined a for loop containing the best programming language for cyber security, where the “Languages” is our variable storing the list of data that we have put.


Languages = ["Java", "SQL", "Python", "Javascript", "C++"]
for i in Languages:

When trying to execute this code block, it will end up with this error, which means there are some missing components, that python could fetch before the code reaches its end.

Output – Error

   File "/Users/ssiddique/code/test.py", line 3
SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing


To fix this error we use the Print statement after this for loop, it will print each name given in the list without raising the error.

Languages = ["Java", "SQL", "Python", "Javascript", "C++"]
for i in Languages:
    print (i)

And this time the code will be executed without interfering with any error.

working – Output


It is all about missing a component in a code block, here is another example.

Fixing SyntaxError: Unexpected EOF While Parsing for python comment.

As the error is caused by a missing component, you can see the below Python code.

When executing this code we get the same error again.


language1 = "Python"
language2= "Java"
language3= "SQL."
print(" {} is better than these two {}. and {}".format(language1, language2, language3)

Output – error

  File "/Users/siddique/code/test.py", line 5
SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing


If you have noticed the code, we have opened the print statement but didn’t close, if we do then the code will turn out into something like this.

language1 = "Python"
language2= "Java"
language3= "SQL."
print("The {} is better than these two {}. and {}".format(language1, language2, language3))

It will work now since we have added at the last ) for the Print statement in order to close it.

Therefore the code has been completed and it will outcome as per our given statement.

working – Output

The Python is better than these two Java. and SQL.

When this error pop up SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing?

When your python code doesn’t form a meaningful structure, mistakes in syntax or in a code block.

At that moment this error will pop up, and your python source code doesn’t run as per your expectations.

Essentially, EOF means End of file. And altogether when we see this as an error.

It means you have not properly enclosed your python code blocks when executing it reaches the end block code while missing the statements that are necessary.

It is all about missing a statement, a symbol, and something like that.

Simply you can take it as a fault occurring by the programmer as when someone let a python statement open of course mistakenly, and forget to close then the program would not run, rather show up this EOF unexpected error.

The most common reason for this error is;

  • Your python block codes a for loop, a while loop, or a function are not properly enclosed.
  • Your Python code block does not have enough parentheses.

multiple ways to solve SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing

Facing this issue is a headache, so there we are for you.

Well, if you are facing this problematic error, and need a way to go for pulling this off. Then these points are that you should pay attention, twice.

Because they are the roots that can pull up the error.

  1. Pay attention to the parameters, syntax, and every single code block, must ensure that all the functions and statements are completely closed down, even the parentheses are also a matter of discern.
  2. If you see the error is still up on the head, try rechecking the parameters, functions, defined variables. See if they all are fine, or have problems since the python language is case-sensitive, thus must check them.
  3. Also recheck and correct the indentation of your python code.