Computer science projects ideas to build in 2021

In 2021, where most of our studies are pushed towards computer science, it includes coding, data science, network information security, algorithm, storage and system management, mobile and web development.

To get a job as a computer science expert, you must acquire as many modern industry skills as you can. And practice those skills by developing some real-time projects, to showcase your hands-on experience to companies who hire computer science experts.

Besides, the list of computer science-related projects is kept going. We have picked the top ones for you to progress further and enhance your skills.

10 Computer science projects ideas to build in 2021

These are some hand-picked computer science projects that you should develop if you are a computer science student, whether a beginner or final year student, building these projects will be great fun.

They will help you polish your skills and open up new job opportunities in your software development career.

Crime Rate Prediction

As the crime rate has been increased over the past few years, to reduce it. This computer science project can be a good choice. With this project, you can build an algorithm that can predict the next crime, based on previous crime reports,

timings and places.

We have to put data, and utilize the K-nine to develop a specific Algorithm. For sure, it is more aligned towards machine learning, but you will have a chance to polish your skills if you’ve just completed your studies.

This type of project is advanced for a computer science student and an excellent achievement to show a software house to get a job.

Search engine

This computer science project’s main objective is to build your search engine, similar to Google, Bing, Yahoo. You can have your search engine where you put your query, and it will find the most relevant results (webpage) according to the words.

It is one of the most trending computer science projects in 2021, and at the same time,, I might say this project can be extended to a large volume.

Basically, to develop this project, web annotation is the prime ingredient. It helps us to find out the results according to the phrase you put on, to make it even better and relevant. We’ll have to include our own custom algorithms that will further increase relevance.

The big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing have their custom algorithms. Therefore we often see different results pages while we have entered the same keyword words on their search bars.

Personal Assistant

In case you have run out of project ideas for your computer science projects, this one may sound you interesting. The project is similar to SIRI, Google assistance, that will help less tech-savvy people to use a computer without feeling illiterate.

Unlike other personal assistant projects, you can build one that will lead people to use a computer with ease, such as when they want to close an app, close a website, open up a new web page, bookmark a web page, they can just simply tell this personal Assistant, without looking around for ways to do a specific task.

Moreover, this personal assistant computer project works on MVC modules, so you can make changes further in order to enhance the functionality.

The key logger feature can also be included, for the reason that it can track all the activities done in a computer. Up to some extent, the parents who want to track their child’s activity on a computer, what they have done, what they are watching, can keep records of all the activities in order to control their child’s bad influence.

AI life coach

It is also an interesting computer science project to develop in 2021. You can get the best advice according to your current model, and recommendations that will be needed to you in a particular moment.

In this project, you can develop an AL assistant. You will have to put a few sentences about how you are currently feeling, then it will serve you the most relevant content on that basis.

For instance, when you type you feel hopeless or tired, when you type such thoughts on it,, this program will grab some motivational quotes that will make you realise, energetic, and ready.

This computer project idea is fantastic, as well as easy to develop. You can develop this project even if you are new to computer science.

The Spy eye Project

It is another interesting computer project idea to develop, no matter in which grade you are currently studying in, this project will not require in depth knowledge. Also, the idea is very interesting to those who want to spy on someone’s computer.

In this project, the main idea is to develop a program using keylogger on the victim’s computer. The project developed by keylogger, so that you can keep a log of the activities in a share of text-based file. Every activity that a victim performs will be noted by this program.

In addition to this, you can remote control a computer with this program, similar to remote-visual software.

Logo maker website

The main object of this computer science project is to build a website where users can get logos, as per their requirements. The website is purely supported by Django and Flask framework to manage backend.

In this project.  A user will see a UI based website, forums where he can put his requirements for the logo he wants. And receive a notification mentioning the time taken to make a logo for as per requirements. The team, then make the logo and submit him to the client.

Overall, this project is mostly viable for a team of freelancers, you can offer different services to the people from all around the globe with the help of this project.

Safe Guard to Internet

In case, your interest in cyber security is high, then computer science projects will perfectly match with your requirements. The object of this project is to develop a program that can detect if something fishy is happening with the internet connection, such as if someone is trying to manipulate the data through the internet then it will find out, and let you defend your privacy.

Mostly these types of computer science projects develop by using these best cyber cyber security programming languages, however as long as you want it to be simple, you can use Python or R and MATLAB modules.

Cursor movement on object motion

It is a project for people who have great interest in the robotic field and they want to build interesting gadgets. The prime objective of this computer science project is to control a machine though hands movements through a webcam to trace movements.

The algorithm used in this project can trace an obstacle, by its shape, size, and RGB colour. The java AWT coordinates can be useful in a project for a better output. Since it is an AI project thus The data is the first priority. You will have to focus on feeding all the necessary data into the project in detail, so when tracing movements of an object, it will not give errors due to less data.

Let me in Project

The computer science project idea is unique, but important at the same time. As the world is leading towards automation, then it becomes frustrating checking invitation cards manually. Thus, the project takes care of this for you, you have to feed these images of invited-people,  it will detect the person though the face, if it matches with the images installed, only then it will allow that person to enter a particular place.

Most of the security buildings have installed this type of project on their locks, for a reason that it is a more robust and advanced solution of stopping people from breaking into a place, or room where they are prohibited.


What if you can  build a computer science project that keeps people healthy? Yes, this is the main idea of this project. You can make an app where a user can create an avatar according to him, body shape, weight, height, etc. Then, this app will push the user to some physical activities on a daily basis. Such as walking, eating healthy diets, exercising, and so forth.

The project can be extended to online, it uses google API to detect routes, and also can be traced to the other users in this app. It will be similar to the game Pokemon go.

Furthermore, whenever a person completes a task it will be rewarded with some points, and the point table will show the top listed people of the week, who have earned more points.

Lastly, the idea behind this computer science project is unique, thus if you are looking for an idea that can go viral. Here is the best chance for you.

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