Debian vs Ubuntu: Best Linux Distro

Looking for the Difference between Debian and Ubuntu? Here’s what we’ll be discussing.

Debian is based on the Linux kernel, in 1993 it has been released as the first open-source platform, that was aimed to distribute free OS, and software, among people. Plus, it’s not backed support like Ubuntu has, so every control is given to the user who uses this, with no restrictions, no third party, just nothing. Simply you, and this Distro. You can explore its features as well. Read Here Why Use Debian?

Ubuntu is currently the most running Linux Distro out there, and it is derived from Debian too. However, soon, the Connoncial undertook it and became a helping hand, by means they handle and take care of user experience. As Ubuntu’s prime purpose was to make Linux easier for everyone, indeed it tends to cover all the working areas such as Desktops, servers, gaming, and so on. Read more from here, Reasons to use ubuntu

Debian vs Ubuntu- Comparison

Things you should keep in mind, they both are equally the same as ubuntu is nothing but a smart-child distro of Debian (Ubuntu is based on Debian). They both support .deb packages and have the same APT package manager.

IntroductionIt is a Linux distro for people to use free software.It is derived from Debian and highly focuses on making Linux accessible to everyone.
Release cyclesno certain release cycle, however, the Debian stable version is rock-solid stable. two release cycles, Ubuntu LTS every year, and Ubuntu, every 9 months. Yet the LTS is more stable.
StabilityIt has a stable version.It also has a stable version, Ubuntu LTS.
For DevelopersIts stable version favors developers.Its Ubuntu LTS can be a good choice for developers. And has a large community of developers.
PerformanceIt performs better on low-end machines.It needs customizations to perform faster on low-end machines.
Desktop UseIt is not suitable for desktops if you are a beginner, as it may lack updates and’s backed by canonical, which keeps this distro up-to-date.
InstallationIt can be troublesome for installing for beginners.It is easy to install, like installing windows.
SoftwaresIt has a lot of software, most are free to use.It has support for non-free software, along with free software as well.

Similarities also exist

We have repeated many times in this post that Debian and Ubuntu share the same goals. If we just remove branding for a moment, there would not be many differences between Debian vs. ubuntu.

  • Ubuntu is a Linux distro. Debian also is.
  • Ubuntu can be run on a desktop as well as a server, and Debian also.
  • Ubuntu uses apt packages, and Debian also.
  • Ubuntu has repositories software, and Debian also has.

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