7 free Best apps to learn python (Android and IOS)

There are multiple mobile apps that can guide you throughout the journey from basic to advance within under 3 months. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the best android and ios apps to learn the python language. After learning, you should build some intermediate python projects to test your knowledge.

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At a glance- List of free apps

  • SoloLearn (Ios and android)
  • Learn Python: Ultimate Guide (Android)
  • Python pattern programs (Android)
  • Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming (Ios)
  • Pythoni (Ios)

1. SoloLearn:-

  • Available for: Android and IOS
  • Price: free

Download SoloLearn for Android

Download SoloLearn for iOS

SoloLearn is a good app for learning python. Basically, this app offers learning material for more than 20 languages. So you can learn languages such as C++, Java, and SQL, along with Python.

Learning is made easier with this app. A real-time code editor, practice with code examples from basic to advance. Also, the learning resources are blocked which will unlock after completing a code example. Similar to a game, finish one stage to unlock the next.

2. Learn Python: Programiz

  • Available for: Android
  • Price: Free

Download Programiz for Android

Programiz app is limited to Python only. Covers all the programming concepts. Basic to advance, programming basic tutorials. This app gives an interesting feature to help you learn more effectively that’s by building real-time python projects. Also, tons of Python quizzes are available to help you remember the concept.

3. Pythoni

  • Available for: iOS
  • Price: Free

Download Pythoni for iOS

IOS users can learn python from this free app. Get access to thousands of easy-to-understand programming tutorials, participate in quizzes, and write some real-time projects.

The reasons I like this app are its features, such as auto-complete, auto-correction, indenting, changing font size, changing background, and sharing codes with friends through several popular sharing platforms. That’s why this app is also suitable for building python projects on mobile.

5. Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming

  • Available for: iOS
  • Price: Free

Download Mimo for iOS

Another useful app for Ios users is this Mimo. In this app, you get access to Several tutorials on different languages, including python, javascript, Java, Php, etc. With bite-size coding lessons, by writing code and running it in our mobile code editor that works like an IDE and lets you run your code, interact with Mimo’s coding community, create projects, learn multiple programming languages, and do much more at your own pace! With Mimo, you can fit coding into a busy daily schedule, whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Currently, the app is not available for Android OS.

6. Python pattern programs free

  • Available for: Android
  • Price: Free

Download Python pattern programs free for Android

It is really a great app to learn the basics of Python very quickly and in an easy manner. It had short notes, and programs for many simple problems including pattern displaying problems. It uses logical drawings to teach you logic, making it easier to learn complex concepts in an easy way.

7. Python Programming App

  • Available for: Android
  • Price: Free

Download the Python programming app for Android

If you simply want to learn Q & A on Python to crack a job interview. Try this app. It has More than 100+ questions taken out from experienced python developers for job interviews. Moreover, It features a simple and intuitive user interface, along with offline mode and no advertisement.

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