7 free Best apps to learn python (Android and IOS)

Being a self-thought python programmer is no more difficult. Here are the very best apps to learn python in 2022. UDPATED

There are multiple mobile apps that can guide you throughout the journey from basic to advance within under 3 months.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the best android and ios apps to learn the python language.

After learning, you should write some intermediate python projects to test your knowledge.

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At a glance- List of free apps

  • SoloLearn (Ios and android)
  • Learn Python: Ultimate Guide (Android)
  • Learn Python: Programiz (Android)
  • Python pattern programs (Android)
  • Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming (Ios)
  • Pythoni (Ios)

1. SoloLearn:-

image - 7 free Best apps to learn python (Android and IOS)
  • Available for: Android and IOS
  • Price: free

Download SoloLearn for Android

Download SoloLearn for iOS

One of the popular apps for android and ios as well is to learn to code.

It also has a website with loads of free content over there covering different programming languages.

With this app, you get access to thousands of coding lessons and will find yourself in millions of coder’s communities around the globe.

The community is supportive, most of the problems you will face are already solved in the comment section.

This app lets you write and run real-time python code on your mobile, it lets you write programs with real-time example python projects to keep you inspired all the along.

Upon completing your lesson, and passing the final assignments, you will receive a verified certificate as a Python programmer.

You’ll benefit from this app if you’re just starting out. From the basics to the advanced, everything is covered.

2. Learn Python: Ultimate Guide

image 1 - 7 free Best apps to learn python (Android and IOS)
  • Available for: Android
  • Price: Free

Download Programiz for Android

Specific to learning the python programming, learning the python app only covers python language. 

Many people get distracted attempting to learn in other apps due to the multiple courses and tutorials offered in one app.

They should look into this since it covers only Python. No more distraction.

You can access all the basics of python programming with this app, such that programming basic tutorials, Python Advance programming lessons, real-time projects, Python quizzes, and other resources to help you learn in the right way.

3. Learn Python: Programiz

  • Available for: Android
  • Price: Price

Download Programiz for Android


This app offers step-by-step Python tutorials for beginners to advance levels.

There is no coding knowledge required to use this app.

You will also get an option to write, edit, and run your own Python code within the app.

Attend the Python quiz to expand your knowledge. Python quiz is great to revise what you have learned from the app. T

he app has a lot of Python examples to practice with.

The app comes in free mode and paid mode. In the free vogue, you will get all the content for free, But you will get limited code runs, and in the paid method, you will get unlimited code runs, and also you will receive the Python certificate as you complete the course.

This free Android app will teach you Python with real-time project writing guides that let you practice what you learn.

This app is the best way to learn the python programming language.

The app offers fewer ads, quiz challenges, a points-based system, and instantly jumps to specific lessons.

Additionally, a verified certificate is issued for proficiency in Python programming.

4. Pythoni

image 6 - 7 free Best apps to learn python (Android and IOS)
  • Available for: iOS
  • Price: Free

Download Pythoni for iOS

For Ios OS, you can download the Pythoni app for free.

Get access to thousands of easy-to-understand programming tutorials, participate in quizzes, and write some real-time projects.

The reasons I like this app are its features, such as auto-complete, auto-correction, indenting, changing font size, changing background, and sharing codes with friends through several popular sharing platforms. 

Additionally, it comes with an integrated web browser, so you can access useful resources to progress with your programming task.

5. Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming

image 7 - 7 free Best apps to learn python (Android and IOS)
  • Available for: iOS
  • Price: Free

Download Mimo for iOS

A top choice if you want to learn Python programming through an iOS app, Mimo. 

On this app, you can learn more than just Python, there are tutorials for java, PHP, SQL, javascript, C sharp, and dozens of other popular languages which are on demand.

Those on the path to becoming self-taught programmers use this app.

As well, it provides a perfect learning environment for Python with easy-to-understand tutorials, real-time projects, and a variety of Python extensions.

It has support for a wide range of python libraries.

The best thing about this app is that its tutorials are meaningful even for intermediate programmers, the quizzes it has are taken from what is mostly asked when interviewing for a job as a python programmer. 

6. Python pattern programs free

image 2 - 7 free Best apps to learn python (Android and IOS)
  • Available for: Android
  • Price: Free

Download Python pattern programs free for Android

In this app, you can find the most useful popular pattern exercises. In case you are about to give a job interview, this is essential to learn.

People who often found themselves confused when learning patterns should use this app to explore thousands of logic to help understand complicated programming patterns.

It uses logical drawings to teach you logic, which means you learn complex things in a straightforward manner.

7. Python Programming App

image 3 - 7 free Best apps to learn python (Android and IOS)
  • Available for: Android
  • Price: Free

Download the Python programming app for Android

Without a doubt, this is the best app to get your answered question in a logical way.

More than 100+ questions are added in the latest update, taken out from experienced suggestions of python developers for job interviews.

To learn Python and to prepare for Python job interviews, you must take this free course.

It features a simple and intuitive user interface, along with offline mode and no advertisement.

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