how to install python on chromebook

It is a popular superstition that Chromebooks are not meant for coding. We deny this myth as Chromebooks are good enough to code or conduct programming tasks.

A Chromebook is a budget-friendly two-in-one laptop that is easy to buy and run. It uses Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system. Hence you can call it a fantastic replacement for a Windows or MacBook.

Installing Python on Chromebook is an effortless chore to be done. You can easily install Python and start doing your coding tasks.

But here is a no-denying fact that installing Python can be challenging or arduous for beginners as it doesn’t come up with any detailed documentation that you can follow up.

Additionally, beginners face many issues regarding the installation of Python and other tools that are mandatory to be installed along with.

 Another critical point is that the internet lacks accurate information or a step-by-step guide for installing Python on Chromebook and how to resolve minimal issues that beginners face during installation.

The article will be super exciting and super helpful for those who are eager to learn how to run Python on Chromebook.

Here in this article, we will discuss every bit of the information regarding the installation process of Python so that you will be able to install Python on Chromebook very handily. Let’s get straight into it.

Steps to Install Python on Chromebook:

Running Python on Chromebook is a child’s play. People who don’t know how to run Python on Chromebook will learn it with an easy method. Just follow these simple steps to start coding via Python on Chromebook.

Upgrade your Google Chrome OS:

The foremost and primary step to run Python on Chromebook is to upgrade your Google Chrome OS to the latest version. If it is already upgraded, then jump straight on to the second step.

  • For upgrading your chrome OS., click on the Time option in the menu bar in below-left corner.

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  • Click on Settings.

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  • Now select the option About Chrome OS to update Chrome OS to the latest version.

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  • Click on Check for updates. And it will update your Chrome OS.

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Install Linux (beta):

Now the next step is to install Linux (beta). This involves the following steps.

  • Open the settings of your Chromebook and click on Linux (beta) option. This option will be shown once you upgrade your Chrome OS.

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  • Now click Turn on.

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  • Click on Next showing below on the settings page. 

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  • Now click Install.

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  • By clicking this, the installation of Linux (beta) will start. It usually takes 10 minutes to complete or even more if your internet connection is slow.

After installation, the Linux terminal will automatically pop-up and open in front of you. But we have to check here whether we can open it manually or not. 

Follow this below mentioned step to check its availability in your Chromebook. 

Add shortcut to the terminal

  • Go to the Main Menu Icon and search for the terminal in the search bar. If it appeared, then it means that you have successfully installed Linux (beta)

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  • Now add a shortcut of this terminal on your shelf or Main Menu Bar by clicking on Pin to Shelf.

ak - how to install python on chromebook

  • It will immediately jump onto the shelf, and you can now access it very quickly.

Install or update Apt-Get Manager on chromebook:

After installing Linux on your Chromebook, the next step is to install various Linux programs via Linux commands. So for this, you have to install or upgrade an Apt-Get-Manager to install other Linux programs.

  • Firstly, upgrade your Apt-Get-Manager by typing or copy-pasting this command in Linux Terminal: sudo apt-get update.

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  • Upon hitting enter, it will start getting updated.

Install Python program on Chrome OS:

For installing a Python program, you need an IDE for Python that best suits your OS. We are going for IDLE3 because it is good enough to run Python programs.

  • To install IDLE3, type this command in the terminal: sudo apt-get install idle3. It will start installing IDLE3 in your OS. It will take some time to get installed.

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  • As a second step, type command: sudo apt install python3-pip. And it will start installing Python3.

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After installation, you can add this to your shelf as a shortcut by using the same method as described earlier for adding a terminal to the shelf.

Check the working of Python:

After installation, you need to check if Python is running perfectly on your Chromebook or not. For this, try these two easy steps. 

  • To check the working of Python, click on the IDLE3 icon on the Menu Bar.
  • Now type 2+2. If the result obtained is 4 then congratulations, you have successfully installed Python on your Chromebook.

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Final words:

As you can see that installing and running Python on Chromebook is very straightforward. You just have to follow some obvious steps to get your Python on Chromebook. We hope that you will exit from here after getting valuable knowledge from our detailed guide. 

If you still have any confusion, then let us know. We are here to solve your problems every time.

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