What does mean by Draw Over other apps or Display over apps on Android- Is it safe?

Many mobile apps that require access to “draw over other apps permission” or sometimes written as Display over apps to function. But, what does this mean? let’s find out.

Many apps require a permission to run over other apps. Even you close it but the app is still running in the background.

For example, facebook messenger shows a bubble chat icon when someone texts you. The bubble icon displays the message regardless of which app you’re using. This is because the messenger app has been granted to run over other apps.

But what you need to know about this permission.

Android phones that run on android 6.0 or later show a notification whenever an app behave like displaying over others. It’s due to privacy issues as the app which is displaying over other apps can record activities.

So, you need to care about it mainly when opening apps like banking app or apps that need to be filled with the sensitive details.

It’s better to disable an app when you see notification.

Disabling this permission for an app is simple.

All you need to do is, navigate to the mobile settings> apps> choose the app setting which is running in the background> under the permission settings, simply disable the “display over other apps” access.

The path to disable the feature is the same for all android mobiles, including, oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Huawei, one plus, etc.

What does Draw over Other apps means?

The permission allows an application to see every kind of activity performed on other applications.

Simply put, if enabled- the app displays top over other apps you may interfere, and can see what you type, see whatever you’re doing, and can also record a video. 

Therefore, it’s so risky and should only be granted if the app is completely trusted.

But on the other hand, many apps wouldn’t do a job properly without this android permission, and will pop up an error saying “screen overlay detective.” Because of their structure and work-function.

For example, streaming apps precisely need to be granted draw-over access.

When streaming games like Pubg, Fortnite, Minecraft. they can record the screen of other apps and make it live.

How to enable Draw over apps for an App?

open settings and select Apps & Notifications
  • To enable this permission for an app is so simple. Android versions 5, 7, 8, automatically enable this, if the app is downloaded from the Google Play store.
select Special Access> Draw over other apps
  • For Android versions 9, and 10, ask for manually enable draw-over apps permission for an app.
  • To do this, Go to the settings> App settings> On the top-right tap on the three dots and Choose the Special access. Tap “Draw over other apps” and toggle the app in the list.
Floating window permission
  • On phones running Android, Vivo, and Oppo, the permission is named as Floating Window App Permission, since enabling it permits apps the same access as drawing over apps. 

Is it safe to allow an app to “Draw over apps”?

Is it safe? Permit drawing over other apps

To say anything specifically certain, the first thing to mind- there are rumors of android being a place for hijackers.

For the fact, any app with lots of permissions such as photos, camera, storage, network, microphone, will have access to all of them and can mess up if intended. 

Regarding safety regarding apps that require draw-over app permission.

  • The better answer will be as long as the app itself is trusted among the users, by means the apps should not have been a part of any awful news.
  • Always make sure by first by reading reviews to see whether people are complaining about the app or found it useful. 
  • You’re not alone thinking of how dangerous this could be, mostly banking apps don’t allow this permission for security purposes.
  • Or at least they don’t show passwords and other crucial details when they detect third-party apps running on the top and seeing the activities. 

If nothing wrong is found in this research, you can give that app permission to draw over other apps. The trusted apps list can be loaded with apps such as Facebook, messenger app, Superpower cleaners, A-z screen recorder.

Which kind of apps require this permission?

Different apps require different kinds of permissions to function properly. 

Apps require this permission

With this being said, apps that plug away as an overlay such as the messenger app turn into an icon upon a msg received. 

So that you will get the text flat-out no matter you’re navigating on your smartphone, either watching a Netflix movie or browsing something interested on the Instagram app.

There to deliver the text-msg to you real-quick, the messenger app needs to have to draw over apps.

These kinds of apps ask for draw over other apps permission.

  • Cleaning apps
  • Screen recorders,
  • Launchers.
  • Facebook messenger.
  • Spy cams.
  • Video calling apps,

So on so forth.

Will always ask you to give them this permission.

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