PHP vs HTML- Differences You Must Know in 2022

Learn the difference between HTML and PHP in this simple and informative blog post.

PHP and HTML are used in web development, but the languages are entirely different from each other. Each has separate functions, workarounds, and syntax, there is no doubt in 2022, Both are useful and very important for every web developer.

Php is a server-side scripting language. It is used to display results on a front-end taken out from a database, MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL.

In contrast, HTML5 is a Hypertext markup language used to create a page’s structure using tags, such as heading, image, list, tables, and hyperlinks.

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What is HTML 5?

  • HTML stands for the HyperText markup language and is only used to form a structure, the display heading, and hyperlinks. Technically it creates a static structure.
PHP and HTML with MySQL
  • When compiling in most browsers, it needs to be executed in tags and automatically it will turn out an element, for instance, the tag <h1> Hello world </h1>; when running on browsers containing the complete HTML code format it will only show us Hello world in the heading format.
  • A backbone to a page, without implementing this, you cannot format a design. Note that it does not include colors, styling, animations, etc. It can only create a dullm colorless structure that later using CSS we can enhance the look, and java or typescript to perform animations.

What is PHP?

  • Php stands for Hyper Text preprocessor, a server-side scripting language that is useful for making dynamic web pages. Often it is used in managing databases as well.
  • It adds a high protocol as to when displaying any specific data that is fetched from the database is risky if you don’t use PHP. Because in this way, a hacker can easily read the SQL code to break into the database, he can this way mess around with your data.
  • When using a server-side scripting language, it puts the data on the screen from a database. It displays all that data on the user’s screen depending upon the query or the function.
PHP interpretation vs HTML static pages

The point to clarify here PHP does not show the structure that is already there in the static format. Rather it shows something that does not exist in the front-end, so when a user searches for it, it is needed to fetch it out from the database that is linked to the front-end.

  • In the simplest way you can say that Php’s job here is to display any certain object that is not there on the front-end. With PHP, we fetch up an object to be displayed in whatever way we want, writing PHP codes. SQL helps in this process also as it is a language that communicates with the database.


In case you are confused between SQL and PHP, then it is simple to understand that PHP’s job is to display a chunk of code or object taken out from the DBS, while SQL is for communicating with the database. Not to mention, PHP can fully take over SQL also, when using it for handling the backend.

By means, the SQL communicates with the database to map the input details to the existing database, PHP displays that.

Fundamental differences

FunctionsPHPHTML 5
Basic definitionIt is a server-side scripting language used in dynamic web pages and is a structure-based language used for building structure, content, layouts, etc.
LearningDifficult learning.It is the most straightforward language to learn in the programming world.
UsesIt is used for showing specific results on the front-end; results depend upon the users and the program.It is used for showing the static structure; without this language, a design will not exist.
PopularIt is popular among web developers as it gives a robust protocol.It is also popular among all programmers, whoever needs to give a structure to a page, app, and desktop app.
SyntaxPHP basic syntax is as follows: <?php// PHP code here?><!DOCTYPE html>  <head>  <title> title name </title>  </head>  <h1> some content </h1>  <p> paragraph </p>
Code typePHP files are dynamic. Its output depends on the browser as well as users.HTML code is static as It always stays the same for every user.
Code editorPHP is a complete programming language with logic and proper syntax, it requires proper IDE, if you want to play with PHP codeAlthough you can use any common text editor to edit HTML code, some HTML editors come with special benefits.

Practical example of HTML and PHP.

Since both languages are used in web development. HTML is used in the front-end, while PHP is a server-side language.

If we divide a website into parts, there are two components.

  1. Front end; (That display)
  2. Back end: (Hidden Database)
  • When visiting a website that we see first is called front end, developed by using HTML as a structure, CSS for coloring, javascript for pop-ups, animations, and dynamic behavior sometimes.
  • While the back-end part is always kept hidden on every website that stores users’ data.

For example

Facebook, look at its login page, is made up using HTML tags, and when you create an account on it, it stores your login data into the database, PHP or SQL both can do this.

And when you put your details to login into Facebook, the response you get is because the PHP language communicates with the SQL or directly to the database, and it displays the results on the user’s screen depending upon the query.

I’m not sure exactly if facebook actually uses PHP or not but they definitely use some hybrid version of PHP.

It was just an example to make it simple to make the meaning of it.

when to use which?

You might have gotten the picture of both of these entirely distinct languages. In the event, you still want to know when you should use PHP and when to use HTML. Let’s get into this as well.

  • Use HTML for building a static web page or layout for an app, even for a desktop app. It has different tags that make it simple and easy to go through the process. Most importantly HTML is only for the front-end; without additional languages it alone can only shape a dull layout, giving it an attractive look: use CSS for adding some colors and styling.
  • Use PHP when you want to show some sort of results to the users depending upon the actions. As it works with the backend, so if your project needed a backend, the using PHP will help you a lot as it puts forward the piece from a back end.

PHP also will be applied for server-side programming to perform some logical calculations, holding or storing data of users, retrieving data from a database, automating email sending with PHP, it can easily integrate with different types of databases such as Oracle, MySQL Microsoft SQL, etc.


A word of advice for a novice. If you just have driven yourself into programming, the first thing that makes it hard to progress is to choose which language you should learn first. That said there are numerous languages already and more are to keep coming even the experts don’t know about.

It is a decision to ask yourself; am I interested in web development? If that’s so then starting with HTML5, CSS 5, are the basics that you should cover first. Learn javascript if you want to do something crazy with the front end.

After a while when you think you’ve mastered every corner inch of building the front-end, then move on and learn to build up a back end. For this, you will need to start with SQL to manage your database, later hands on the PHP to link your database with the front-end.

Things never end in web development, there are many tools that can be integrated once you’ve learnt the ABC of how a web works.

You can also use Python django or Flask to replace PHP, if you are more comfortable with python.

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