How to Uninstall Wine from your Mac?

Often things never goes as planned, same goes for wine. If you want to uninstall it from your Mac Device, this guide will benefit you most.

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Wine is an application made for Mac that is used to allow OS X users to run Windows applications. A software capable of running Windows applications on other operating systems including Linux, and Mac OS.

For any personal reasons, you want Wine to be moved out from your Macintosh system. Scroll down to how this is done.

Steps to uninstall Wine

First thing first, Close the Wine program running on your Device. Otherwise it’s will show up an error, saying “Wine Can’t be moved to the trash because it’s open.”

Error Msg

To close wine, head over the top bar and quit the application or pick its icon, right-click it and Quit the application like so:

Force Quitting Wine

There still might be processes related to Wine still active in the background. We need to get rid of them through the Activity Monitor and you can do this in three steps:

  1. Open up the Activity Monitor
  2. Click the process that is related to Wine and select the X icon.
  3. Finally, Quit or Force Quit (if Quit does not work) the application.
uninstalling wine

If you have used Wine to download apps will need WineBottler to remove those apps from Mac, which is the easiest way to go about it.

To delete both Wine and WineBottler as a collective, you need to:

  • Use Finder and select Applications to find the Wine folder
  • You need to select Wine and move it to Trash
  • You might need to type your password so go ahead and do that

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Click on the Finder Menu and empty the trash (but make sure that there aren’t other files that you may need to recover inside the Trash)

How to get rid of the leftovers from Wine:

With the aforementioned steps, you can get rid of Wine but occasionally, there are certain programs and parts that still lurk within the system even after you have deleted everything off your Mac. 

Now to get rid of these leftover remnants of Wine you need to:

  • Open the Mac Finder, go to the Go menu, and pick the Go to Folder
  • Type ~/Library in the box that appears, and click Enter
  • There will be subfiles in the library and search Caches, Preferences, Application Support, LaunchAgents, LaunchDaemons, PreferencePanes, StartupItems and delete those files

Some common error Msgs appear while uninstalling wine

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When a user tries to offload Wine from their Macs, they are generally faced with three common issues:

  • The Wine software always remains online and you can not move it into the trash as it is in use.
  • The software is corrupted and is causing hindrances in the system and can not be uninstalled by basic procedure.
  • Wine’s components might still be on your system even if you deleted and you can not get rid of them.

Auth’s Remark

There are several Uninstalling software that you can use to uninstall Wine. They feature a simple click select mechanism that gets rid of all the relevant components of Wine that persist within your Mac.

There are different software that are easier to use than others and some that are more efficient than the others. Do look out for them and use them to uninstall Wine if the other methods do not work for you.