Best SketchUp alternatives for Linux in 2023

SketchUp is a popular 3D modeling software used in various industries such as civil and mechanical engineering, interior and exterior design, and game development.

While SketchUp offers both paid and free versions that can be accessed through its web-based application, it is not supported by Linux, leaving Linux users without access to this software.

List of best alternatives for SketchUp for Linux:

Here is the complete list of prime tools that are best designed to replace SketchUp for Linux. You will find both paid and free applications in the list below:-

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5 Ways to Run .exe Files on Chrome OS

At the time of writing this article, there isn’t a direct .exe runner for Chrome OS. This means you cannot simply click on a Windows .exe file and run it natively on a Chromebook as you would on a Windows machine.

Chrome OS, developed by Google, powers Chromebook laptops and a variety of other devices. It’s lauded for its lightweight architecture, swift boot times, and robust security features. But a notable constraint of Chrome OS is its incapability to execute traditional desktop software, particularly Windows .exe files.

Such a limitation can pose challenges for individuals needing certain applications but lacking access to a Windows or macOS device. While there are workarounds, like using CrossOver Chrome OS or enabling Linux (Beta) on Chromebook, these are not direct solutions and might not support all .exe applications.

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how to install python on Chromebook: 2023 Updated Guide

While Chromebooks are primarily designed for web browsing and basic productivity tasks, they are good enough for python programming.

Python is a popular and versatile language that is widely used for a variety of purposes, including web development, data analysis, and machine learning.

Installing Python on a Chromebook can be useful for various reasons. One of the primary motivations is education. Python is a popular and beginner-friendly programming language, widely used in educational settings. If you’re a student or teacher, having Python on your Chromebook enables you to learn or teach programming more efficiently.

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[Fix] SSL Module Is Not Available In Python

Using SSL in Python, you can encrypt and authenticate network sockets, both client-side and server-side, with Transport Layer Security (often called “Secure Sockets Layer”). The module relies on the OpenSSL library.

As errors are a part of programming.

You may be dealing with installing an SSL module in python. The common error you may face is “SSL module in python is not available. Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement <package> (from versions:) OR No matching distribution was found for <package>’

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List of best code plagiarism checkers in 2022

Like Text plagiarism, codes can also be plagiarized. And It is nearly impossible to detect similarities without the help of the proper tool. And without knowing the best tools, the task of testing if the code is plagiarised or not can be tricky.

With the best tools, you can easily detect plagiarism in a code using online software like Codeleaks, Moss, Codequiry, and similar online code plagiarism online tools. The tools charge you a few bucks depending upon their services.

That’s why we have listed only the best code plagiarism checkers so you will not have to find them by yourself.

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How to update Python in Windows, Mac, and Linux

As you all know, Python is the new trend in the world of computer programming. Working with the updated versions of python is more fun because it comes with more libraries for advanced programming.

Let’s get to know how to update python in Windows, Mac, and Linux, if you are already working with Python and want an upgraded version

Requirement for Updating Python

There are two basic conditions for updating python in your operating system.

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Miniconda vs Anaconda- What are the differences?

When choosing between the python managing systems, people are often confused between Miniconda and Anaconda.

In this article, let me clear the ambiguities by comparing Miniconda and Anaconda and help you choose the right management system according to your needs.

Miniconda and Anaconda are the software used to manage the package flow and simplify the deployment system of any project.

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