13 Best Open source Cross-platform JavaScript Game Engines

JavaScript can be operated on many different computing platforms and it is an explained scripting language. It is widely recognized for the advancement of websites.

Moreover, environments that are not browser-based also utilize it. JavaScript can be utilized for client-side advancements and also server-side advancements.

We’ll be looking at the top JavaScript game engines in this article that every developer must be aware of. System planning, technology and, programming all play a major role when it comes to making good games.

Additionally, having a sturdy framework is also necessary in order to create an exceptional game.Multiple game advancement frameworks are now available at high numbers, they are better known as game engines. Javascript Game Engines

Good JS game engines are associated with HTML game advancement. Read our previous article for html5 javascript game engines.

Both of them are interlinked, and the majority of these game engines have strong and useful features along with implementations to guarantee that the games made using them will remain at the top of the competition.

List of top JavaScript gaming engines:

Three.js (cool javascript game engine)

This game engine is known for a brief and detailed user experience, it brings users quality animations and incredible features. 

Furthermore, the gaming engine’s collection includes Canvas and SVG. Three.js has been upgraded with different gaming software, and it also a platform which is open-source that can be acquired under a certified license.

People can visit the relative website and get their hands on the code over there.

Three.js cool game engine

Some of the noteworthy features include:

  • It can produce prominent effects by utilizing anaglyph and aligned barriers.
  • The data loader can accumulate different scenes such as image and binary
  • It can provide shadows, spotlights, cast, and different features concerned with lightning.

Famo.us (javascript game engine open source)

This engine is considered one of the finest open-source game engines.

The engine brings users with 3D designs, backed up by 3D-physics derived animations with a live classroom option acquired by the game developers.

Moreover, inside of the classroom that accessible online, the developers will be provided with personal help in order to enable the gaming to become lively in a 3D presentation. 

Famous-opensource game engine

The best features include:

  • The browser design is made in a way to back text documents using links.
  • The three-dimensional design is for a lively experience.
  • There is an open forum for developers to interact to advance in game development. 

Goo Engine (Javascript 3D Game Engine)

This is a JS engine that was released by a company in order for people to create games on HTML5 and WebGL. It assists game developers to retain their value when it comes to the development of games.

It is an online game engine modifier that is integrated with a 3D editor, an uncomplicated publishing choice, and material editors. 

Moreover, in the latest version of the engine’s platform, the developers are required to make payments, however, the JS version has no charges at all. 

goo engine - javascript 3d game engines

Here are some of the features that users must seek:

  • Developed interactivity without head-on coding in the script
  • Quite easy to add modern physics simulations
  • Users can also add multiple customizable templates

CooperLicht (Javascript Based Game Engine)

This platform is quite suitable and fitting when it comes to making browser games. 

There is an alternative platform that supports this platform suggesting that the engine is powerful and reliable. 

The platform includes so many features that are necessary in order to create 3D games. Although, in the modified version of the platform, the developers will have to make investments. 

CooperLicht - javascript based game engines

The following are some of the popular features:

  • Live 3D shadows.
  • Already added distinctive effects.
  • Already added physics and collision.

Voxel.js (Android based Javascript Game Engine)

Just like many, this game engine is open-source that is joined with a flexible attitude towards game development for different platforms such as Windows and Android. 

People can acquire two hundred different add-ons that include codes, instructions, and guidelines in order to help them establish the finest 3D gaming experience. 

The process to develop games using this engine is uncomplicated.

voxel engine javascript game engine

The following are some of the notable features:

  • The modules can be downloaded using NPM
  • There more than two hundred add-ons
  • Every code is open-source

Godot (Game engine for easy coding)

This is a flexible and convenient game engine; it makes the coding process a whole lot easier. 

Since the engine animates each potential aspect, gamers have the opportunity to experience a live experience after playing the games that were made using this game engine. 

The developers are provided with the benefit of developing the games on multiple platforms. 

Gaming scripts can be developed through an uncomplicated process on the platform and users can use many different implements.

Godot javascript game engine 2020

Listed below are some of the useful features:

  • Games can be developed on a single program.
  • Physics can be added to 2D and 3D games.
  • Modern features come along with the 2D engine.

Unity (2D game engine with IDE)

On the engine’s 2D platform, the developers are provided with the ability to utilize third-party IDEs and many different platforms in order to receive the best possible gaming experience. 

The editor used in the engine is known for its strength and intuitiveness. The platform is known to have good equipment management. 

The game engine is undoubtedly the best source to provide a good 2D game experience which can expand the 2D game community. 

Unity-game engine

Here are some of the features: 

  • Has the ability to run easily run games in different environments.
  • There is a “Play It” function
  • Provides equipment restoration and operational extension rehabilitation and prepared model solutions. 

Allegro (Javascript Game Engine)

This game engine focuses a lot on source code and it has advanced since it has been released. It is uncomplicated to navigate the control system and there are a lot of utilizable features to improve the gaming experience. 

On the platform, specific software is used to run the games for Windows, and OpenGL will soon be accessible on the other platforms. 

Allegro javascript game engine

The following are some of the useful features:

  • There are a lot of instructions and assistance.
  • Users are free to execute their personal game engine.
  • It is designed effectively and is easy to navigate.

Pygame (Python based Javascript Game Engine)

On this engine’s platform, the game developers have the capability to provide the finest interface to their gaming with a programming language.

Since the platform works with a programming language, its learning process is easier for beginners or new developers.

On the platform, the developers are provided with the ability to draw infinite arrangements on canvases. This is an advantage for beginners to make something that holds some sort of value. 

pygame cross-platform python based javascript engine

The following are some of the crucial features:

  • Games are developed quite swiftly
  • Cross-platform games can easily be made
  • There are highly-threaded features

MonoGame (Opensource Javascritp Game Engine)

Developers that use different compatibility software are brought with enhanced facility management with this game engine. When utilizing this game engine on different platforms such as Windows and Android, the developers are required to pay extra money. 

However, for windows, the price of the service is not that much compared to other platforms. An added benefit of the engine is that it enables users to modify or make changes according to their requirements.

monogame javascript game engine open source

Here are some of the notable features: 

  • The visual studio offers the finest editing
  • Allows cross-platform including consoles
  • The engine is also an open-source platform

Stage.js (Cross-Platform 2D Javascript Game Engine)

In relevance to the user’s requirements and previous experiences associated with game advancement, this game engine is an uncomplex and convenient option in order to make 2D games using HTML5 and JavaScript assistance. 

stage.js 2D javascript library cross-platform

The gaming engine is also open-source and is supported by different and popular platforms. People can make puzzle games, and games that involve easy physics. 

PhysicsJS (2D cross-platform HTML5 engine)

This game engine has been out there for the past few years. Despite that, it is still considered as one of the finest and most powerful options considering a physics engine used for online gaming. 

PhysicsJS 2D cross-platform HTML5 engine

It is a secure option for aspiring game creators. People can visit the website to go over demo reviews and observe the type of physics experiments that they can do with themselves. 

This is because the code is interactive and user-based, users can work with code tests and trial them in an active environment. 

Planck.js (2D javascript physics engine)

This game engine is rather uncomplicated to operate when it comes to making HTML games. 

Planck.js - 2D javascript physics engine

Users do not require to start from the early stages anymore. If users want to launch something very quickly, they should go for this engine with all of its outstanding features and easy procedures. 

Naturally, people have the ability to completely optimize the finishing creative for both websites and smartphone platforms, guaranteeing an exceptional experience. 

On the website, people can go through multiple projects that have utilized this game engine, users are advised to see how it can perform and whether it meets their needs. 

Not only that, but people should also go over the downloading and documenting process, ensure that they use the engine with its maximum potential and produce incredible results. 


Aspiring game creators should use game engines to make games, especially if they are beginners. This is because they can start with creating simple games and work their way towards the top. 

There is a lot to learn throughout the process and game making has become easier with the use of game engines.

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