Best JavaScript Certifications in 2023

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and it’s widely used for both front-end and back-end web development. As a result, obtaining a JavaScript certification can be a valuable addition to your resume and can demonstrate your expertise to potential employers. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best JavaScript certifications available and what you can expect from each.

1. Certified Associate in JavaScript (CAJS)

The Certified Associate in JavaScript (CAJS) is a beginner-level certification offered by the International Association of JavaScript Professionals (IAJSP). This certification is ideal for individuals who are new to JavaScript or who have limited experience with the language. The CAJS exam covers basic JavaScript syntax, data types, and programming concepts. To obtain this certification, you’ll need to pass a 70-question exam that covers the following topics:

  • Basic JavaScript syntax
  • Variables, data types, and operators
  • Functions, loops, and conditional statements
  • Arrays and objects
  • The Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Basic event handling

2. Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) in JavaScript Fundamentals

The Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) in JavaScript Fundamentals is a beginner-level certification offered by Microsoft. This certification is designed for individuals who are just starting out in web development and who want to gain a solid understanding of JavaScript. The MTA exam covers basic JavaScript syntax, data types, and programming concepts, as well as more advanced topics such as web page scripting and dynamic content. To obtain this certification, you’ll need to pass a 40-question exam that covers the following topics:

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Best Javascript IDE and lightweight Code Editor

If you are a JavaScript professional developer, you know how simple and fast it makes working and deploy projects if you use a JavaScript IDE.

If you are a web developer you should always consider using a specific JavaScript IDE or JavaScript Editor for all JavaScript development.

Below is the List of best JavaScript ideas that you should use.

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Create Editable HTML table with source code

This post shows how to create an editable table in pure JavaScript and using the jQuery plugin. There are various features that you can add to the editable table, for example;

  • You can create a table to add/delete rows or columns
  • You can create an editable cell in the table
  • You can change the color of the cell on click
  • Hide row/column on mouse click
  • Get the content of the cell/row/column on mouse click
  • Adding checkboxes in the table

Let’s start and see some of these in working live demos

Editable cell in HTML table Using jquery

This jQuery code will make the cell editable on double-click. To use the code, simply add class to the table cell and put the above jQuery in the head.

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The top 35 JavaScript games with source code

Creating interesting and creative games is quite an achievable task these days as many new game developers can now build them through using HTML5 and JavaScript. Web users now being able to play these games through their mobiles as well as a desktop without having to install Flash Player.

It is through the development of JavaScript and HTML5 that many solutions regarding many internet users have been derived. While people can enjoy these games without any trouble now, game developers are getting the most of this new effective solution.

Through using HTML5 and JavaScript, these are the top 35 JavaScript games that you can develop through the accessible source code.

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13 Best Open source Cross-platform JavaScript Game Engines

JavaScript can be operated on many different computing platforms and it is an explained scripting language. It is widely recognized for the advancement of websites.

Moreover, environments that are not browser-based also utilize it. JavaScript can be utilized for client-side advancements and also server-side advancements.

We’ll be looking at the top JavaScript game engines in this article that every developer must be aware of. System planning, technology and, programming all play a major role when it comes to making good games.

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