The top 35 JavaScript games with source code

Creating interesting and creative games is quite an achievable task these days as many new game developers can now build them through using HTML5 and JavaScript. Web users now being able to play these games through their mobiles as well as a desktop without having to install Flash Player.

It is through the development of JavaScript and HTML5 that many solutions regarding many internet users have been derived. While people can enjoy these games without any trouble now, game developers are getting the most of this new effective solution.  

Through using HTML5 and JavaScript, these are the top 35 JavaScript games that you can develop through the accessible source code.

Best JavaScript games with source codes:

Tower Building:

While this addictive game attracts many people through its intriguing features and gaming aspects, it is considered almost the same as that of the award-winning game i.e. Tower Bloxx Deluxe. This joyous game is built incorporating the HTML5 and JavaScript language canvas elements. 

The increased competency with a specific time limit intrigues many people into playing more while they drop one block over the other to get to the sky without disrupting the order. This engaging JavaScript game invites many gaming individuals to spend their spare time joyously. 

Mk.js Game:

By combining the interesting and competing aspects of the famous trending video games i.e. Moral Kombat and Tekken; this game increases the level of competency as gamers pass a certain level. By using the concept of the above-mentioned popular games, the developers introduced mk.js for gaming enthusiasts. 

By bringing three levels of competency for different gamers, they raise the intriguing interest in the gamers. Moreover, you can also play this fighting game alone as well as with your friends through a stable internet connection to increase thrill and fun. 

One can play this game in different modes depending on their preference i.e. Network, Multiplayer, and Basic. 


Providing the audience with an admirable user interface enables it to adopt a spectacular offline game look as well. While many developers can use HTML5 and JavaScript for its rendering, they take advantage of it being an open-source game. 

This JavaScript game comes with a fabulous graphic design enabling people with advanced futuristic touch giving them an illusion of a real race in space. While gamers play through their desktop, they can have a real thrilling experience because of the effective handling of maintenance of developer along with other contributors to keep the audience content. 


Understanding that people have an intriguing interest in defense and fighting games, this game was built through the JavaScript5 and HTML5 scripts as well. It is open-source, allows you to get its source code downloaded for free as well. 

While this game fulfills the requirements of an interesting game accessible to many users, it suits the needs of many people online. To play the game enjoyably with increased competency and thrill, one has to aim at the towers to restrict the monsters from destroying their location i.e. houses. 


Keeping in mind the previous puzzling Tetris game, this game was developed in an outmoded manner. While many users are fascinated and intrigued by its cool and creative puzzling bricks, they arrange the bricks in a certain manner to prevent the bricks from reaching the top by filling the horizontal spaces up. 

The Redux JavaScript, HTML5, and React frameworks were used while creating this game by game developers that make it more flexible and convenient to play. Through its level and visibility of high scores, many people find it interesting and an engrossing game to be played with their friends. 

Pocket Island:

An intriguingly fascinating web game developed through incorporating the languages of JavaScript and HTML5. Its advanced user-interface keeps the users engaged and fascinated. Coming with a background story, users quickly find themselves engrossed in the JavaScript game. 

To play this game, one has to familiarize themselves with the story as they will have to fulfill the king’s wished while carrying out all the task assigned by tasks. By acting upon the expectations of the king and finishing the tasks of the wish list of the king, the user will win. 


Being an open-source game, it is an online game available in multiplayer mode. While this game was created in 2012 in experiment conduction, this game primarily focuses on exploring the world through an adventurous lens. 

As the user embarks on their adventurous journey, they have to go through different obstacles on their path while defeating the annoying enemies. To award you upon your achievements and crossing certain levels, you are bestowed with gifts i.e. strength boosters and increased efficiency. 

To increase its flexibility in online games, it has also been written in JavaScript and HTML5 language. 

2048 JS:​

While games based on puzzles and solving mind-boggling problems are quite a trend these days, this game also interests many creative and witty users through its intriguing puzzles. While it is quite an easy task to play it, it gets tricky as the level advances and users’ competency level increases. 

To produce the number i.e. 2048, the user has to merge the tiles by joining them with such a feat to achieve the desired outcome. To develop its source code, the developer had to use JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. In case you are looking forward to contributing to this game as a developer, you are open to doing so. 

Last Colony:

Understanding that games improve our reflexes and thinking capabilities in the time of panic, this game fulfills this purpose aptly. In case you love solving strategy problems, then this is the right game for you. 

The last colony being the epitome of a combination of language of HTML5 and JavaScript5 bring an opportunity for game developers to contribute through open-source code. Through its availability in two modes i.e. single-player and multiplayer; you can enjoy this game alone as well as with your friends. 

In this strategic witty game, the user has to build on their economy while destroying the enemies along the way. They are provided with different weapons, artillery, and vehicles to assist during the execution of the plan. 


Being a web browser game accessible to every user online, it is an open-source game as well build through HTML5 and JavaScript. To improve the 3D effects and overall graphic design of the game, the developers have interested many users in this intriguing game. Moreover, as a game developer; you are free to contribute to it as well. 

Pseudo 3D Racer:

For people who are car enthusiasts, this is the right game for you. Created by HTML5 and JavaScript, it also enables the developers to work their way around the source code to bring an advancing evolution in the game.

To run smoothly, the developers have introduced a modern-browser-compatible version as an improved user-interface. 

3D Hartwig Chess Set:

Chess is the game of intellectuals and strategic witty people has been created as an open-source game as well. While it is introduced with an advanced user-interface, the graphic visuals are fascinating to engross many chess players worldwide in it. For people interested in the source code of this game, they can access it as well. 

Clumsy Bird:​

Being a clone of a popular trendy game i.e. Flopp Bird; this game provides the users with an interesting challenge to increase their level of competency. The gamers will have to control their flying bird without being restricted and smashed into the obstacles i.e. walls. 

Its creative and improved graphic design is the epitome of the admirable ability of JavaScript and HTML5 in bringing innovative interesting JavaScript games. 


One can never forget their childhood game i.e. Pacman, right? Through the improved re-written and improved user-interface version of the previously famous game, this game fascinates many online gamers. 

By allowing the users to control their Pacman without colliding into obstacles and getting caught by enemies, the developers have increased competency and challenge in the game. By collecting the rewards and gifts on the way to solving the maze, the users win the game. 


Challenging the wit and mental ability of people to solve the tricky problems in a puzzling game, this game manages to grow its name in the gaming community. Being inspired by a Tetris game, the developer has made this game addictive and competitive for people to spend their time enjoyably. 

To style, the game CSS3 elements were incorporated, while the JavaScript and HTML5canvas elements were used for the rendering process of the game. 

Flexbox Froggy:

In this funnily interesting game, developers allow the users to control the frog through code. If the user gets eh frog to the pond’s bottom effectively through constructive code, they will win the game. With the incorporation of images, this game was mainly written in HTML5 and JavaScript language with the CSS4 styling. 

Canvas Tetris:​

This puzzling game is written in JavaScript and HTML5 introduces the 2D games to amateur developers. This game had just taken 45 minutes to be created by the developers implying that the game developers beginning to get their work through CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript can try their luck here at their coding experience. 


Another tower defense generic game introduced for internet gamers to engage them in defending themselves from enemies. Being developed through HammerJS, it has added advanced features and improved user-interface for an enjoyable experience for the gamers while they defend their kingdom. 

Grid Garden:

Working on the same principle as that of the Flexbox Froggy i.e. coding skills; this game allows users to work on their technical coding skills interestingly. Future programmers can have an informative entertaining time here. JQuery and animate.css were used to design and develop this game.

The user has to move the water to the blocks where carrots are present through coding. 

Ancient Beast:​

This game to be played in multiplayer mode while enjoying more flexible and interesting features online. It is a strategy game that can only be played online by taking turns with your opponent. The users can view their progress while defending themselves against a fight with your opponent. 

Circus Charly:

If you are a circus lover and love to explore different circuses, then this is the right game for you. Being developed to honor phaser, the user has to jump through obstacles i.e. fire rings. The more the distance is covered, the more score the player gets. However, the competency level increases as the user cover more distance bear with more pace, and pass fire rings. 


In case you want to experience spectacular graphic visuals and 2D designs of games, try this game developed through the leastcoding. Providing an improved user-face, this game gives you a realistic peek into a fighting area. The user has to eliminate enemies from the maps through several mouse clicks. 

The game developers can experiment with HTML5 through its accessible source code. 


Playing a colorful, yet the strategic game can be no less than an exciting experience. Being another interesting puzzle game, it incorporates quantum mechanics terms. For defense, the users have to use their sources to pass the obstacles without getting hurt and killed. 

To win the game, the user has to ensure that they use a mirror to emit particles of a photon to photon detector without meeting the rock. For improved audio and visual effects, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are used.


A battle carried through artificial intelligence, this game has improved interface by using HTML5 and logic created using JavaScript. Appearing more like a Sci-fi genre, it is a game taking place in space securing a specific planet. 

The users can experiment with their coding skills as they are required to fight the enemy jets through coding. By getting the source code without any cost, you can have a grasp on how to write it.  

Duck Hunt:

Developing a captivating and fascinating game to allow the users to shoot the ducks down testing their aiming capability, the developers allow the players to use joystick while playing. However, players can also use the mouse to point towards their targets and shoot them down on the grass from the sky. 

This game is developed using JavaScript and HTML5 implementation for producing rendering processes. This game having amazing animations to give the players a reality-like experience provide them an enjoyable gaming experience. 

Dental Defender:

If you want to have a funny experience while fighting in a tower defense game, then this is the right game for you. Not only can you experiment with your shooting skills, but can also have a hybrid experience by fighting and defending. 

The player has to defend the teeth from getting eaten by germs. However, while shooing away the germs; the player can move around the teeth to defend them from infection. 

Tic Tac Toe:​

This game is so famous and popularly played worldwide does not need an introduction. This addictive game is usually developed through the use of google fronts to make the game appear more engaging and appealing. 

The users are expected to play this game through mouse clicks. This game is developed through the required incorporation of CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5. 

Super Chrono Portal Maker:​

Are you a fan of Super Mario video games? If yes, this is the advanced version of that game, and if no, then this running and jumping game will intrigue you into playing this game. With different increased levels of competency, you can have fun while enjoying this experience with your friends as well as alone. 

Arrows 2D Action Engine:

For you to create your JavaScript, this game is the right platform. Not only the mobile optimization, but other gamepads and keyboard controls are involved in this game to fascinate the player. Through its advanced visual graphics and interesting pixel art, users can play an action game with an improved user-interface. 

Gods will be watching:

In a game-developing rivalry, this game was created to suit the theme “simplicity”. While the location in the entire game remains the same, there is a research group that has to work on finding a virus. Hence, as a player; the user will have to defend themselves at every cost and request a backup plan in case things are messed up. 

Relying on the importance of this research, you will have to carefully interact and make decisions. Otherwise, the deadly virus will prevail if things aren’t managed in a better way.  

Roll It:

This game was created while experimenting with JavaScript and HTML5. While it brings thrill and excitement among many users while they open it on their mobile web browser, it enables them to control the game through their mobile. 

Making their mobiles, their controllers; enables them to access the single-player mode as well as the multi-player. Through this feature, many of the users interact with people worldwide to enjoy the games together. Being able to play it through a desktop enables people to enjoy a good time together while admiring the flawlessness and flexibility through which these games run. 

Boy vs Zombies:

You being the major actor in the game gives you a sense of responsibility and thrill. While you are surrounded by horrible zombies everywhere, you have to survive without being coughed and infected by them. 

To make the game more interesting according to your needs, you can customize its features. It gets more captivating and fascinating as you pass the different levels and execute various plans. 

1024 JS:

While this game is mainly developed by the incorporation of JavaScript and HTML5, it brings many fascinating and captivating features for users around the world to enjoy. It being a puzzle game gives the users an original experience through its 3d graphic effects and improved user-interface. 

Not only that, but the users can also view their increasing competency level, awards, and high scores as they proceed further. Their progress is visible on the screen as well. However, to play this game; the users have to move the blocks to their place without falling into the empty place themselves. The one who moves the block to the destination wins the game. 


Shooting games can never bore the users as they are more thrilling and adventurous for them. The user in this game has to restore a destroyed lab. To execute this mission, they will have to have the systems rebooted. 

The player has to make their way to the internal affairs of the system while destroying the harmful spiders attacking them. Through its advanced sound, light, and visual effects; players can have an enjoyable time. 


As interesting and captivating as the name suggests, the game holds a gothic vibe to it to engross the user’s attention in it. Not only can it grip their whole attention to its dark missions and puzzles, but can also interest them through cool puzzles. 

While the audience can access the web browser game conveniently, they find this game incredibly cool because of its apparent simplicity yet witty difficulty. The users have to fix the security cameras to safeguard themselves and people from horrific monsters. It is through them being safe from these lurking creatures that they are more likely going to have their desired results constructively. 


Many game developers are now resorting to busying themselves with developing and introducing online games through the use of HTML5 and JavaScript.

While these games portray themselves as an incredible epitome of enjoyment as well as innovation, they also allow young developers to experiment with their knowledge by contributing to their development through open-source code available to them.

Hence, these games allow many users to spend their time enjoyably while providing a safe and encouraging platform for the developers to test their skills, coding, and creativity.

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