Notepad++ vs Sublime Text: Better code editor for programmers

Every editor that has been available worldwide has something new to bring to the table which is quite different from the other one. Each editor has some uniqueness to it which most of the programmers recognize, and then based on their recognition, they choose the one that they really want to utilize.  

The choice of the editor depends on the features offered by it. Obviously, no one would want to end up with anything that has less pros and more cons.

Every programmer wants to deliver the best possible code and this is possible by using a good text editor. There are times when you need to customize your code in such a way that is not only acknowledged but loved by everyone who review it.  

There are many text editors and IDEs that are usually utilized by developers and engineers in order to manage their content and display it in the most representable phase.  

A text editor helps in various ways. It helps in coding, in creating, editing and customizing a wide collection of files and folders belonging to programming language.

There are numerous text editors that are easily accessible, for example, Sublime Text, VS Code, Atom, Notepad++, and a lot more.

Notepad++ is a text editor that can be used without paying any money and is free of cost. It can work with multiple languages and is upgraded replacement of Notepad.  

It is compatible with Microsoft windows. The main highlighting features of Notepad++ include its ability to auto save files and also help in highlighting syntax.

Sublime Text is another source code editor that has an interface of Python Application programming. Its main feature is that it automatically completes the sentence and can structure the code.

It is compatible with a wide range of languages and multiple functions can also be incorporated to it by the help of plugins.

Feature comparison

Sublime Text

Sublime Text offers numerous highlights that make the entire experience of incorporating code with it simple. They have made coding very easy and the main features include the following:

  1. Sublime Text lets you edit multiple files at a time. This way you can customize and bring changes to a file side by side by this feature of split editing.
  2. One of the prominent features of Sublime is that it lets you correct multiple things at a time. This is known as multiple selections. This way you can make many amendments in the text at a single go. This will not only save your time but will save your energy as well.
  3. The accessibility of an amazing Python API in Sublime makes the content tool stand apart among the opposition.  This advantage helps users and permits plugins to expand its usage and functionality.
  4.  Sublime Text is accessible on various platforms and can be used on Mac, Linux, Windows etc.
  5. If you are bad with remembering key bindings, then Sublime Text editor is for you. It has a command palette which helps you to find what you need without the effort of finding it in different menus. It helps you in sorting as well.
  6. You can customize anything that you want with sublime. Whether it be menus, key bindings or snippets, you can edit anything with it.
  7. Another important feature of Sublime is that you can switch to multiple projects without the fear of losing your work. You can open another work and go back to the previous one and you will find it auto saved.


Notepad++ is Windows own built-in light-weight code editor. It supports 27 different programming languages. It also has interesting features that make the platform an option to choose from, in this comparison.

  1. It can work with files that are huge in files. It can edit files up to 2GB which is more than the size edited in windows Notepad.
  2. It also helps in highlighting syntax elements by displaying them in colors. This makes them easily recognizable and they are easily read by the user.
  3. It also saves the work automatically and you don’t need to save your file every time you make a change to it. It will be auto saved by the editor.
  4. Like Sublime Text, it also helps in editing multiple files at a single time by splitting the screen into two. This saves a lot of time of the editor.
  5. It automatically sorts out text, changes the cases of letters from capital to small and vice versa, where needed and it also removes unnecessary spaces in the text.

Notepad++ and Sublime are both IDEs, which implies they not just permit coders to compose and alter code, they may likewise use plugins.

With regards to the comparison of Sublime text editor versus Notepad++, you may end up examining your range of abilities and features to settle on a choice.


Maybe the best contrast among Sublime and Notepad++ is the value point. Notepad++ is an open-source code editor and offers everything for nothing. Unexpectedly, Sublime sits at almost $100 for its product permit.

While Sublime enables its clients to utilize a free form of its word processor, it will reliably ask that you purchase the permit at a confounding cost, particularly considering other text editors are either free or charge less amounts.

Platform Dependency

Considering something other than your budget, investigate the PC you have available to you. Notepad++ is a lightweight program made specifically for Windows. So if you are someone who doesn’t have a windows Pc then Notepad++ is not for you and you should better go for the sublime text editor.

Then, Sublime is a multi-stage instrument equipped for running on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This implies that Sublime isn’t restricted to a Windows interface, yet can work even on a Mac book.

Efficiency and performance

The sort of task will be the biggest deciding element of how valuable one word processor will be over the other. Notepad++ is a comparatively smaller program intended for little ventures.

It’s an extraordinary word processor for new coders to become familiar with the fundamentals, supporting just 600 bundles with insignificant additional highlights.

Notepad++ permits clients to figure out how to code without being overpowered by the wide range of various open doors coding has to bring to the table. By wiping out so many plugins and highlights, it does, notwithstanding, limit exactly how huge a venture somebody can adequately make on Notepad++.

In this manner, in case you’re dealing with a bigger undertaking, you’ll discover Sublime to be an unquestionably more dependable choice.

Sublime underpins 4,500 bundles and has a couple of extra useful segments that place it in front of Notepad++. For one, while both Notepad++ and Sublime offer selected altering, Sublime is intended to code, edit up, and change as much content as could be expected at one time.

It permits you to “zoom out” to take a gander at your whole square of code on a similar screen, and afterward change different files simultaneously. It additionally takes into account more plugins, more files, and is, in general, quicker than Notepad++.

Language Support

The programming language will direct the final product of an undertaking. Accordingly, it is imperative to guarantee that, above all else, you are utilizing the right language for the normal result, and also, that your text manager bolsters the language.

Both Notepad++ and Sublime are viable with most essential programming languages, for example, HTML, Java, ruby, Python, and C++. Notepad++ runs almost 80 languages and can incorporate C++ as well.

While this is amazing for a particularly smaller program, Sublime offers significantly more features to the coders. Sublime can run more than 80 coding languages and gather both C++ and Python.

The plugins that Sublime offers permit coders to work with much more languages to aggregate and run their code.


Below, I have summaries few points in FAQ. Feel free to ask questions in comment if I missed any thing.

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Sublime is reliably recorded as one of the best ten word processors. It is smooth, superior, and stuffed with utilitarian components.

Nonetheless, the IDE is additionally very costly, bearing a $100 sticker price for the full permit. Notwithstanding, the way that Sublime is cross-stage and can work on essentially any PC, versus Notepad++ which works just on Windows, may counterbalance the expense.

The decision between these content managers truly relies upon the coder. If you are a beginner and have just started programming then you should definitely go for notepad++.

This decision relies not only on the fact that it is free but also on the fact that it is easier to use and learn and has almost similar features with that of Sublime.

There are many factors that come in the way of making the decision of choosing an editor among both of them. If you are someone who has a Windows Pc then Notepad++ is the ideal for you, however you can also use Sublime.

But if you have Mac or Linux then you have to opt for Sublime only. Before opting the editor for coding you need to be sure of what you want and what you have.