Atom vs Brackets: Best Opensource Code editor

This blog posts compares Atom vs. Brackets text editor.

Brackets editor is speficailly a good choice for front-end developers, as it is intentionally built up for this purpose. Whereas Atom editor does not seem to have any limitation at all, it’s good for the back-end as well as the front-end developers.

I have used so many editors throughout my programming career. And if I’m being honest here, I didn’t find any major differences among many of them.

Apart from few things that I consider while comparing two editors, sizes, performance, support for languages, and the nature of being open-source or closed also play an important role since open-source editors offer more extendability.

Atom and Brackets, both are open source and put themselves on the list of lightweight editors. They both require less resources than many high-end editors/ IDEs, for example, Visual code studio; Which requires 800MBs to be installed. These editors fit themselves under 200MB, which is a good choice if your machine does not have enough memory.

Atom vs. Brackets- words of mouth

The Atom editor is more like a shell which needs plugins to work, and it’s customizble to the very end. While the Brackets editor is good for design front-end part a website or app thanks to its support for adobe.

That’s the reason why it’s on the top, the developers who use Atom know that they can shape it in whatever way they like, even though it can be customized as same as the sublime or closer to vs code.

Thus, it’s free so be ready to face some disappointments regarding speed performance, not always but most likely when you use too many packages.

The Brackets editor is something geared toward designing, the PSD format is the reason for which is why a person can integrate photoshop designing into the editors. And needless to say, Atom editors do not have support for this format.

Moreover, in brackets, you can extend its use cases as well, but the limits of its extensions are fewer than Atom’s packages because bracket extensions come from only Adobe developers.

which is better?

Starting with this fact that Atom editor is more likely to depend upon the plugins (packages). And its interface (UI) is seemingly similar to sublime. In contrast, the brackets editor does have plugins too, but not primarily depend on them.

Atom vs Brackets: Differences

GenreA text editor that can be used for multiple coding projects by using plugins.A text editor that is focused on front-end development as developed by adobe,
Beginner-friendlya little bit hard to set up, a beginner might feel hard to set up.It’s easy to set up, and the interface is simple to understand; even for a beginner.
Open-sourceIt’s open-source available for Windows, Linux, Mac.It’s also open-source and can be run on several OS(s).
Plugins or packagesAtom has a couple of open-source plugins out of the box, mostly made by programmers at Github.Brackets does have a wide array of plugins, but significantly the list is not as extensive as Atoms.
CustomizableThe only thing you can’t change is its layout.It’s almost entirely customizable, even the layout too.
Front end or back endRegardless of the front or back-end developer. It is suitable for both.Brackets is good for front-end developers as it’s designed by adobe, so a lot of things replicate it out.
PopularAccording to a survey held by Github, around 50k developers use atoms.According to stock share, it’s the top 14th editor.

Why should you use brackets?

  • Brackets is entirely free to use and hopefully will remain for free for years to come.
  • Brackets automatically refreshes the web page to show the results of the codes you’re written. It increases productivity and cuts off the chances of mistakes and errors in a code.
  • Brackets has an extension manager used for extending the features of this code editor, even you can change themes as well.
  • Brackets is actively maintained by a well-known company, and skilled developers are taking care of its functions and release updates regularly. That’s why you can go a long way with this editor.
  • Brackets is known to be memory efficient, proven that it works faster on low-end systems.

Why should you use Atom?

  • The top reason why Aom is popular is obvious; the package manager can support thousands of plugins and themes as well. Besides, there is good documentation on plugins that is easy to get through.
  • Atom is free and open-source, and hackable to shape it in whatever way.
  • Atom is for everyone, both expert and beginner programmers. Things like, adding keyboard shortcuts, changing themes, installing additional plugins, and changing core settings by clicking through a GUI are easily do-able.
  • Atom has a command fuzzy search (Use CTRL+T) to search for any files quickly.

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