Racing Games in C++ with Source Code

Writing a game requires some good knowledge of programming and a few API knowledge like OpenGL and Directx if you are working with graphics. There are some game engines available for C++ programmers to make the process simple. If C++ Is new programming for you, start by contributing to small and intermediate projects in C++. That will help you gain some programming knowledge to code a game.

This article will serve as a guide for you to create some of your favorite racing games with source code. Let’s scroll down to learn this without any delay.

list of racing games in C++:

1. Need for Speed

Car racing game in C++ with graphics

The need for speed can be developed using C++ programming. It is a racing game that was developed by the developers of Burnout and published by Electronic Arts. The original Need for Speed was released in 1994 for the PC (DOS) and play stations. The racers are given various tasks to complete while defending themselves from the police attack.

The game is designed to be played around the illicit streets. The first version of the need for speed was launched in 1994. This game is advanced over the years, and now it has almost 20 versions. All the versions of this game have almost the same basic rules, regulations, and mechanics. The player aims to win the game by controlling the car.

Mario Kart Series

Mario Arcade game in C++ with graphics

The developer of this video game is Nintendo. It is a cartoon-style racing game that many companies developed. The player uses different power items to compete in go-kart races in this game. The game begins with a green light. The user aims to compete with the players automated by the computer, and the participant who completes the game first will win the game. 

The powers given to the participants include the speed boost up, the shell that we can throw on the opponent to decelerate it or to destroy it. Banana peels can be used to create hazards and hurdles for rivals.

In some games of the series, lines of the coins are placed so the players can collect them, and if collected, the kart’s top speed will be increased. If any kart hits the user’s kart, they will lose the coins instead of the destruction of the kart. 

The game features the characters of the Mario series. The game was launched in 1992, and it includes 14 total gaming series. It is a multiplayer game.

You can download a clone of Mario Kart created using C++ and Allegro Library.

Dust Racing 2D

2D car racing with graphics in C++

This game is written in OpenGL, an IDE in C++. It is a tile-based 2D racing game. This game consists of one or two human players and one computer user who challenges the human players. This game has 3 levels: easy, medium, and hard; moreover, it’s a split-screen (vertical and horizontal) multiplayer game. It also has three modes which include race, time trial, and duel.

This game is developed in 2D graphics with 3D objects, and smooth gameplay and physics are added to make the game efficient. There are multi-tracks for each player to make the game more attractive.

The background sounds of the engine and collision also add some spice to the game. The Top 6 participants will only be able to unlock the next racing levels. The programmer can edit this game as it is easy to develop.

Mini Racing World

Mini racing multiplayer game in C++

This game is a low poly arcade game having features like car tuning and repairing, an open world map to explore and exploit, and a career.

The game seems simple and fast, but it is difficult to play and master. The publishers and developer of the game are Kitty in a Box.


racing game in C++ for multiplayer

This game can be interpreted as a role-playing racing game with adventurous qualities, but it is a mind-refreshing and altering sandbox game.

This game has a complicated storyline having a unique environment and atmosphere. The user is completely free to play the game for as much time as he wants to figure out the problem. 

Fast Racing:

action racing game in C++ with graphics

It is a fast-action racing game with high-quality graphics, making it an addiction. The game has surprisingly bewildering physics, eye-opening car tracks, and various cars.

The user can design and update his car according to his own will. Moreover, to unlock new models of cars, he needs to win or collect cash by completing the tasks. We can also tilt or move the steering wheel as we want. The game has at least 48 levels.

To run this game, you need to install ROS ( Robot operating system), Eigen ( C++ template library for linear algebra: matrices, vectors, numerical solvers, and related algorithms), and CUDA toolkit from Nvidia for graphics rendering

Chor Police:

3D car racing graphics game in C++

The game is developed in C++. It is a pseudo-3D car racing game. While playing the game, you will get an adrenaline rush while driving a well-designed and fully equipped sports car.

The car is loaded with guns and weapons. The car will move across a city in the presence of cops and police. You have to escape the cops and outrun them if you want to win.

Powerboat Racing 3D

The player in this game drives a hydroplane powerboat in a race, and his target is to kill his opponent’s boat, which basically is his friend’s boat. It is one of the most popular 3D racing games.

The game is a combination of astonishing visuals and amusing sounds with tough competition as the game allows the user to create various hydroplane racing experiences.

The game has 8 stages and more than 40 extremely challenging levels. The player can earn and collect coins to buy new cars.

Pink Pony:

Pink Pony is a 3D racing game that has a colorful Tron. The game consists of the player who is a pony, and he has to defeat the opponents, which are the ponies controlled by the computer.

The game is multiplayer and has screen split support for almost four people through a game controller or a keyboard. This game is open source and freely available on the internet. It can be played on Linux as well as Windows.

 The Open Racing Car Simulator

TORCS is an open car simulator, but it can also be played as a car racing game. The game is available on Linux, Mac OS X, AmigaOS4, MorphOS, and Microsoft Windows.

The game has many tracks and opponents whom we have to defeat. The game has sophisticated physics and sensational graphics, making it more appealing.

The game also provides research platforms for gamers, researchers, teachers, and teachers. It is a multiplayer game. The game has been a part of many scientific and industrial kinds of research.

It used the OpenGL user interface and was registered in 2000, 2003, and 2019.


Antigravitaattori is a flying saucer racing game. It was first made for a gaming competition in 2006. Many versions of this game were released over time with advanced features.

It is a multiplayer game, and a maximum of four players can play it. It has impressive 3D graphics, which makes it more attractive for players.

That’s all for today’s content. I hope you have learned a lot from this article, as these games can be your next C++ project. Furthermore, this will help you enhance your game development skills in C++ and help you be a good programmer.

Source code of running car using Graphics in C++

/* Source: */ 
/*Moving a car*/
int main()
int gd=DETECT,gm;

for (int i=0;i<500;i++)
/*techarge part*/


/***CAR BODY ******/

/***CAR Windows***/




line(0,390,639,390);  //ROAD
return 0;

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