Linux Mint Cinnamon Vs Linux Mate Vs Linux XFCE: Which one is Better?

If you have just switched to Linux or are about to do this then you are in the right place because this blog post is all about Linux Mint and its editions (desktop environments.)

Shifting to the Linux operating system is something really important that you can decide. And once you are done with your decision of moving your computing infrastructure you have more things to look upon. You must know which type of desktop environment is best suited for your computing or operating system.

No doubt that Linux is something extraordinary that offers a variety of different desktop environments including Linux Mint Cinnamon, Linux Mate, Linux XFCE, and many more.

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Linux mint vs elementary OS – Is one better than the other?

Linux Mint is a community-driven Linux distro. The main focus of this operating system is on ease of use and an abundance of other useful features. Linux mint has a perfect balance of a lightweight base, immaculate UI, and stable performance which puts it towards the top of the Linux distros hierarchy. Read the official Guide to using LinuxMint.

Elementary OS, on the other hand, is an aesthetic alternative to other operating systems. One of its key advantages is total privacy and the no-tracking environment. It is a relatively new addition to the Linux distro family but is quickly becoming one of the favorites. The design is cleaned up to make it more streamlined, especially for folks migrating from other operating systems. Read more about Why you should Install Elementary OS.

In case, you want to understand the difference between Linux mint vs Ubuntu, click to read.

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