11 Best PHP sandboxes to Test PHP Code Online

Being a user of a particular online tool gives you an important edge since you can work from any website using a web browser and not have to download an extra app beforehand. For any PHP programmers, you can take the advantage of online PHP editors to make a thing a tad bit easier for yourself.

Picture this scenario. You are a PHP programmer and there is a particular problem that you need to fix. Unfortunately, the computer you normally use on your day-to-day basis is not with you, while the available computer you have on hand does not have a web server downloaded. This is where an online PHP editor can be your knight in shining armor.

Here are 11 Best Online PHP Sandbox

The majority of the PHP editors available online nowadays have had some sort of built-in web server that allows you to directly run your code. Listed below are the top 11 PHP sandboxes.

Write and Run PHP Code online

PHP online is an online editor which is the easiest to use and the most practical, which is why it is recommended to give it a shot when you are starting out PHP coding.

  • It helps you write and test code from your web rower at any given time.
  • It has a cleaner interface compared to other online editors, making it simpler for the user to interact with the computer much better.
  • There are different functions available as well your code can be directly run with this online sandbox. To run your code you can simply click on the blue run code button placed at the bottom right side, you will have to be careful while doing so since there are ads placed right next to this button.

PhpFiddle: Run PHP and MySQL online

This is also one of the simpler and user-friendly online editors.

  • The interface is just as clean as write PHP online the only difference is that this sandbox has additional features.
  • It gives you the permission to download the PHP code you wrote. Essentially phpfiddle is itself an in-browser IDE for PHP, so having more features is surprising, to say the least.
  • The ad placement on this online PHP editor is more user friendly compared to the others.
  • You don’t need to go through the hassle of creating an account or signing up to use this online editor, but it would be best to sign up since it grants access to all features available on this online sandbox. Another added bonus of signing up is that you will not have to worry about the annoying pop-up ads while using phpfidde.

PHP Sandbox: Test PHP Code Online

Like the previously mentioned editor, sandbox doesn’t require the user to sign up or create an account to use it and is super simple to use.

  • The only complaints users have are the pesky ads however the placement of the ads is not that inconvenient, they don’t interrupt the user from writing their codes easily, which is definitely pro since ads placement matters a lot while working under the clock.
  • On the brighter side, this online sandbox allows its users to write their codes in not one but several versions from version 4.4.9 to version 7.1.0.
  • This online PHP sandbox also allows its users to save codes once they are done, which makes everything more convenient.

PHPTESTER: Test PHP Code Online

This editor allows you to create and test PHP codes without having to sign up. However, if you don’t create an account you will have to put up with the many ads that pop up while you write the codes.

  • You can write your PHP code on the left side of the dual sided interface this editor comes with.
  • To test your PHP code, you can click on the test button placed on the top side of the editor and run your code. Before testing your codes you can choose what version that you want to test your code, version 5.5, 5, 6 and 7.0 are the only 3 versions available on this online sandbox.

CodePad: Online Code Interview Tool and Editor

Unlike the other online PHP sandboxes, CodePad is not just for PHP editing. This editor allows its user to write in different programming languages such as Java, Python and C.

To start writing your PHP code you can click on the selector on the bottom left and select.

  • Originally this editor has a dark theme, but if it is not your cup of tea, you can always switch over to the light theme.
  • Additionally, you can invite other programmers to join your code y sending it through email or the given link. There is a dual panel interface for this online editor, just like the previous one.

3V4L: Test PHP Code Online in different Versions

Here we have yet another user friendly online PHP editor. 3V4L, probably the best on the list, comes with an extremely simple interface.

If you’re still getting a hang of PHP editing or are just a beginner, this is the editor for you since its super easy to use.

  • The best part about using this online PHP sandbox is that it is completely ads free.
  • In order to run your code, you will simply have to click on the bright blue button placed on the bottom of the editor. It will display the output of your code in different PHP versions from 5.6.0 to 7.2.0.

Online PHP Debugger

By default online PHP debugger also comes with a dark themed interface, but not only can you change to a light themed interface, but there are also multiple options for what theme is right for you.

  • Like the others, this is a completely free online PHP editor and requires no sign ups from its users. To make sure your code runs perfectly fine on all different versions of PHP, you can choose from different versions of PHP.
  • The only downside is again the placement of ads being right next to the test bottom, so be cautious while clicking the test button since you could accidentally click on one ad which will take you to another page

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Ideone: Online Compiler and IDE for PHP

Like codepad, this online PHP sandbox is not only designed for PHP editing. It supports more programming languages.

This allows its user to write in like Python, C, Java, Pascal and Perl.

  • To start off, you can click on the selector placed at the bottom left and select.
  • This online PHP editor is completely free for its users.
  • Hopefully, the only problems you face are the pop-up ads in the editor, which honestly is disturbing.
  • You can also save your code when using this online sandbox using the URL provided.


 This PHP testbed is super user friendly. To run your code, you simply type the code on the left side and press CTRL+Enter.

  • Your code gets saved on the server, all you need to do is keep the URL in mind. This URL can also come in handy if you want to collaborate with other programmers and friends since this online PHP sandbox allows you to invite others in.
  • Tehplay is also beginner-friendly since it has some example codes, all you need to do is press CTRL+enter on the homepage and see them run.
  • It however needs Javascript enabled to run since it does AJAX stuff.
  • The additional features on this online editor enable users to have the ability to change some render settings, including which version of PHP the code will run on. You can do so by scrolling your mouse to the extreme left and the setting bar will show up from there you can select the settings of your choice.

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Jdoodle PHP Online editor

Jdoodle has many similar functions to codepad. Not only is designed for PHP, but this online sandbox also supports different programming languages you can use.

  • Another thing in common, you can also collaborate with other programmers and invite them to your code by sending them an email or using the link given by the editor, it makes it super simple to share your code.
  • Version 5.6.16 is the PHP version that is used by this online sandbox.
  • If you want to save your code, you will however need to create an account or sign up.

Codeanywhere: Cloud Based PHP IDE

Last but not the least, Codeanywhere is an excellent web-based code editor.

  • The Cloud IDE saves you a ton of time by deploying a development environment in seconds Majority of the programming languages such as JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP, Python, and many more.
  • It has incredible features such as auto-complete, code refactor, go to definition, rename symbol.
  • You can perform tasks from your own server from any place and anywhere, so it really lives up to its name.
  • It also allows you to collaborate with other programmers. Fully featured Git client and is expandable with a vast amount of existing extensions.
  • Codeanywhere has a fully featured web-based terminal that enables you to run commands, debug your running applications, and display command output from your servers.
  • You do however need to create an account in order to use this online PHP sandbox. The good news though signing up for this online editor is completely free.

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