Leetcode: Count Good Nodes in Binary Tree in Python

Count good nodes in a binary tree, according to LeatCode this is Microsoft’s most asked interview question of 2021 so far. 

I think it’s a pretty good problem to understand. A lot of basic Tree fundamental knowledge can be gained from this problem. 

So we’re given the root of a binary tree that is going to always be non-empty. We want to count the number of good nodes in the tree. 

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Create Editable HTML table with source code

This post shows how to create an editable table in pure JavaScript and using the jQuery plugin. There are various features that you can add to the editable table, for example;

  • You can create a table to add/delete rows or columns
  • You can create an editable cell in the table
  • You can change the color of the cell on click
  • Hide row/column on mouse click
  • Get the content of the cell/row/column on mouse click
  • Adding checkboxes in the table

Let’s start and see some of these in working live demos

Editable cell in HTML table Using jquery

This jQuery code will make the cell editable on double-click. To use the code, simply add class to the table cell and put the above jQuery in the head.

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How Hard Is it to Learn Java?

Can you recall the day when you were scared to fall off a bicycle? Or when you took your first dive in the swimming pool? Any memories of your first day at school? Or your first driving experience? Most of us are shaky before taking that first step, first dive or first ride. But would you exchange your skills with the surety of feeling safe? Of course not! 

The “Hard” Truth 

The “hard” truth is, everyone is uncertain, cynical and rather indolent of putting in hard work to achieve something. 

If you’re mistaken into thinking that Java is a piece of cake, I’m sorry for you. But nothing is a piece of cake when you don’t know it, right? On a friendly note, you can even get it from the title (How Hard Is it to Learn Java?). It means you already believe Java is “hard”. You’re just here to know how much! Once you were even scared to learn cycling, but did you give up? No. So you won’t give up now either. 

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[Multiple Methods] How to Install PyCharm on Ubuntu

The first IDE I used for Python programming was PyCharm Community Edition with Windows and Mac. Recently I installed Ubuntu to play around and had to move my Python code to Ubuntu. I set up PyCharm Community Edition on Ubuntu because I was familiar with the environment.

If you are a beginner and confused about what IDE you should be using for Python, read our IDE comparison article. If you are an android user and looking for Python IDE for android, read the article.

In this article, we will go through the installation process, which is a bit different from other operating systems.

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Top 15 HTML5 game engines for HTML5 programmers

A gaming engine is a developed software used by people to create video games. Gaming engines have multiple functions and features such as scripting languages, sounds, and different controls. 

Gaming engines are not that difficult to use and they are an effective method to make video games.

 As far as beginners are concerned, using programming languages is advised but it can sometimes be complicated. 

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9 HTML5 Classic Games Templates for Beginner Programmers: 2021

Gaming templates are essentially covers that can be matched to the e-learning units. This helps in providing content for different types of games.

Whether you’re finding something for your website or learning how to flesh out your own idea, you can clearly see how diverse HTML5 and JavaScript game templates can be.

The framework is laid including different features such as animation. You won’t have to start from scratch if you decide to use a gaming template to work with.

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8 Best C++ game engines for programmers

There are different people all around the world some prefer playing games while some prefer developing games, you’re one of the people who find pleasure and excitement in developing games then you’re in the right place.

Many programmers prefer C++ over other existing languages in the gaming industry. If you want to create or develop the best, you have to choose the best as well.

A fitting gaming engine will pave your way to success. Choosing a gaming engine is the first and most crucial step towards developing a game.

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16 Fun Python Projects for Beginners and Intermediate programmers

Building python projects is the best way to check the limits of your python programming skills. And to encourage developers to initiate this practical  approach, we’re going to list some fun python projects. As a python programmer, you will find amusement in these projects; along the way, you will see an immense amount of increment in your python knowledge developing them.

16 Best Python projects for Fun

These are the top fun python projects for every level of python programmer.

Stories generator

Starting out with this fun python project that will generate random stories for you. Put name, action, and things like hypothetical situations. And, let this project create an exciting story for you. Although the short story will not become your assist on kindle, it’s generally a good way to gain some practical knowledge.

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Library Management System Project Design [Step by Step]

A school library management project is a venture that oversees and stores books and their data electronically as indicated by understudies needs and requirements.

The framework helps the two understudies and library supervisor to keep a steady track of the multitude of books accessible in the library.

It permits both the administrator and the understudy to look for the ideal book. It gets vital for schools to keep a ceaseless beware of the books given and returned and even figure out the fines after seeing their condition.

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Computer science projects ideas to build in 2021

In 2021, where most of our studies are pushed towards computer science, it includes coding, data science, network information security, algorithm, storage and system management, mobile and web development.

To get a job as a computer science expert, you must acquire as many modern industry skills as you can. And practice those skills by developing some real-time projects, to showcase your hands-on experience to companies who hire computer science experts.

Besides, the list of computer science-related projects is kept going. We have picked the top ones for you to progress further and enhance your skills.

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