Sublime Vs Atom Vs Brackets

Each of these is best on its own and has its key features. It depends on you what you are looking for in your text editor. After you are clear about your wants and needs with a code editor, you can easily opt for any of them.

  • In case you are looking for speed, then you should opt for Sublime. Despite being the oldest of them all, it has the best speed and functions at an incredible pace. It doesn’t lag anywhere and produces the work without hanging at any point. It has a high-speed performance even when it is working with large files.
  • If you want a versatile code editor, go for Atom as it contains all the best features other than speed. It is best for beginners as it is easy to adapt, and you can quickly learn how to use it.
  • If you are looking for an editor that is good with Photoshop integration and front-end work, then go for Brackets as it is the best. And if you don’t want either of these, then Atom and Sublime are the best options.

Regardless of the programming language, Python, Java, Javascript, Php, Go, or rust. The development tool kit of every programmer must include a good text editor, as it can revolutionize the language game. 

Sublime Text vs Atom vs Brackets Feature Comparison

Open SourceYesYes
Modular DesignYesYes Yes
HackableYes Yes Yes
Beautiful UIYesYesYes
Github IntegrationYes YesYes
Build with node.js Yes
Web-native Yes
Big community Yes Yes
PackagesYesYes Yes
Cross-platform YesYesYes
TypeScript editor YesYes
Multi-cursor SupportYes Yes
CLI start Yes Yes Yes
Chrome inspect support YesYes
Configurable YesYesYes
Code completionYes YesYes
Well documentedYesYes
Gitlab supportYes Yes Yes
Vim supportYes
Split tab layout YesYes
code readabilityYes YesYes
User FriendlyYes Yes Yes
Slow with Large FilesYes
Heavy and SlowYes
Slow startup
Learning curveYes
Redundant PluginsYesYes
Force you to buy a licenseYes
feature comparison Sublime, Atom, and Bracket

However, Sublime, the oldest, will always remain the gold for developers because of its capacity to handle huge files without lagging or slowing down.

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If you have read my previous article(Sublime Text vs Atom vs Bracket), you would know that my main focus is on improving and making programming easy.

It is crucial for you to use the appropriate python Integrated Development Environment for your python development. It entirely depends on the developer’s choice to choose whichever programming language they want to select.

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