15 C++ Projects For Engineering Students

There is a lot to do with the C++ programming language when you are in your learning zone and are finding ideas to get started with your first ever c++ project. Nothing but a real-time fact is that you can’t get over any skill without practicing. 

And for practicing this highly practice-demanding programming language, you as an engineer or student may be searching for some best c++ project ideas for engineering students. Here we got you. 

Here are some best C++ project ideas for students that you can easily try to develop as an engineering student or internet. 

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How to decode JPEG pictures for hidden information

We often see pictures online and wonder if this picture is Photoshopped; one way to determine if the image is Photoshopped or not is using gut feelings but have every search for software that decodes the JPEG and gives you the source code. How can you make sure that the photo has not been processed or modified in any software?

how to decode a picture

JPEGsnoop is a free photo authenticity detection software that can read various coded information to help you determine if the pictures have not been edited or modified by software. 

When you encounter a suspicious photo, you can use it, and it will decode the image and spit out all the information about the picture. This software not only supports standard JPG format but also supports embedded photos in PDF, AVI, MOV, and other documents.

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HTML Vs Python- What are the Differences

There is no comparison between HTML vs Python because both are different kinds of programming languages.

HTML is an easy-to-learn text-based markup language that is used to build structures and layouts of a web page or app. While Python is a difficult programming language that is used for building apps, websites, or classic games, and also it’s used in Machine learning. You can create many projects in python.

Both HTML and Python are completely different. In fact, HTML is not a programming language such that you can’t build logic or function while in python you can create logic and functions.

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How to Make a Game in C++ Visual Studio: Tic Tac Toe

The visual studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) mainly used to create various applications and chiefly gaming applications. This software provides its user with a comfortable environment to produce any game or application. 

It supports some built-in high-level programming languages like C, C++, and C#. Moreover, it also sustains other languages like python and java. Its free version, containing all the features, is also available on its website https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads for programmers.


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How to run code in the sublime text?

There are several methods to run code in sublime. You can use the text editor, make changes in your settings, and build a new file written in the text you need or press some simple keys.

There might be a need to fix a path in the environment variables if you use C or C++, or Java. If you are using Python, Sublime Text is best for you, but you need to check your version and compare it to sublime text’s version.


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Best Golang Projects- TOP 16

Here the very best Golang project ideas to create in 2022.

Golang is a nine-year-old programming language and is similar to Python language in nature. However, in python projects Golang draws an entirely different path, the difference in projects thus is apparent.

Since the Golang language is more aligned towards web stuff, there are many web-based Golang frameworks if you want to have a look at it, so the projects are also related to the Web.

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Opera vs chrome browser- Which is better?

If you use the internet, you are likely to use an Opera or Chrome browser regardless of where you are located or what device you use.

A huge chance is you’ve heard people comparing them, just to figure out which is the best.

Opera vs Chrome

Google Chrome is opensource an excellent bwoser if you’re into Google products such as Gmail, GDrive, GPay, etc. Chrome ishighly customizable with tons of themes and third-party extensions. On the other hands, Opera is lightweight browser, compared to chrome it eats less resources so best suited for low-end devices.

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Hotel management system project- Student Guide with Source codes

If you are wondering what a Hotel Management System is? What does it do?

You might be a student looking around the details of this project, and if so, we have given here the source codes for you guys to download the whole hotel management system for your project.

Plus, a friendly guide for you guys to understand what this hotel management system is all about.

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12 best SQL Syntax Checker and SQL Syntax Validator

If you are working with SQL then it is essential to check on your data and validate it in order to ignore errors. You need to be very sure about whatever you are updating in the rows of the table, is true and unique.

It is very important to have a SQL syntax check so that your work is error-free on your SQL project. There are many free SQL syntax validators and checkers available on the web which are not only easy to use but are also free of cost. 

A few of them are discussed below for you to have a good idea about the features and what these editors have to showcase for you.

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