Sublime Vs Atom Vs Brackets

Each of these is best on its own and has its key features. It depends on you what you are looking for in your text editor. After you are clear about your wants and needs with a code editor, you can easily opt for any of them.

  • In case you are looking for speed, then you should opt for Sublime. Despite being the oldest of them all, it has the best speed and functions at an incredible pace. It doesn’t lag anywhere and produces the work without hanging at any point. It has a high-speed performance even when it is working with large files.
  • If you want a versatile code editor, go for Atom as it contains all the best features other than speed. It is best for beginners as it is easy to adapt, and you can quickly learn how to use it.
  • If you are looking for an editor that is good with Photoshop integration and front-end work, then go for Brackets as it is the best. And if you don’t want either of these, then Atom and Sublime are the best options.

Regardless of the programming language, Python, Java, Javascript, Php, Go, or rust. The development tool kit of every programmer must include a good text editor, as it can revolutionize the language game. 

Sublime Text vs Atom vs Brackets Feature Comparison

Open SourceYesYes
Modular DesignYesYes Yes
HackableYes Yes Yes
Beautiful UIYesYesYes
Github IntegrationYes YesYes
Build with node.js Yes
Web-native Yes
Big community Yes Yes
PackagesYesYes Yes
Cross-platform YesYesYes
TypeScript editor YesYes
Multi-cursor SupportYes Yes
CLI start Yes Yes Yes
Chrome inspect support YesYes
Configurable YesYesYes
Code completionYes YesYes
Well documentedYesYes
Gitlab supportYes Yes Yes
Vim supportYes
Split tab layout YesYes
code readabilityYes YesYes
User FriendlyYes Yes Yes
Slow with Large FilesYes
Heavy and SlowYes
Slow startup
Learning curveYes
Redundant PluginsYesYes
Force you to buy a licenseYes
feature comparison Sublime, Atom, and Bracket

However, Sublime, the oldest, will always remain the gold for developers because of its capacity to handle huge files without lagging or slowing down.

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Tips to use Atom for Python

Atom is a dedicated compiler than can run all types of repositories such as Python, C++, Java, and many more. Atom is known as one of the best Python IDE. It supports packages developed in various programming languages. Most of these packages are freely available and built by open-source communities.

Tip.1 Atom packages for python

Setup Atom for Python

You can go to the settings tab to have a view of the packages that are listed there. Then according to your project requirements, you can download atom python package.

Tip.2 Download the code checker/atom python linter

Install Python Linter on Atom

Install a dedicated tool for flagging coding errors and bugs. A whole list of languages is available on Atom’s main website, where complete support for additional languages is provided. The purpose of the atom python linter is to offer a top-notch application to find and fix bugs. Few of the Atom Python linter packages:

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Notepad++ vs Atom – 2023

Although most of the features are the same in both of these outstanding text editors. For instance, both are open source and free to use, offer a sheer number of plugins, support for multi-line editing and multi-file opening, and so forth.

Notepad++ supports only the windows operation system, in contrast, that, Atom has separate versions for multiple OS(es), Linux, Mac, and windows too. This signs, Atom targets a broad community of developers regardless of the boundary set out by the operating systems- everyone can opt for it.

Secondly, Notepad++ is a little faster compared to Atom. It is because Notepad has been developed using the c++ language which is remarkably one of the fastest programming languages. And, Atom, on the other hand, has been created by the combination of JavaScript and electron.

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How to decode JPEG pictures for hidden information

We often see pictures online and wonder if this picture is Photoshopped; one way to determine if the image is Photoshopped or not is using gut feelings but have every search for software that decodes the JPEG and gives you the source code. How can you make sure that the photo has not been processed or modified in any software?

how to decode a picture

JPEGsnoop is a free photo authenticity detection software that can read various coded information to help you determine if the pictures have not been edited or modified by software. 

When you encounter a suspicious photo, you can use it, and it will decode the image and spit out all the information about the picture. This software not only supports standard JPG format but also supports embedded photos in PDF, AVI, MOV, and other documents.

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12 best SQL Syntax Checker and SQL Syntax Validator

If you are working with SQL then it is essential to check on your data and validate it in order to ignore errors. You need to be very sure about whatever you are updating in the rows of the table, is true and unique.

It is very important to have a SQL syntax check so that your work is error-free on your SQL project. There are many free SQL syntax validators and checkers available on the web which are not only easy to use but are also free of cost. 

A few of them are discussed below for you to have a good idea about the features and what these editors have to showcase for you.

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best IDEs for R programming-UPDATED 2023

Read on to discover a list of 10 of the best IDE (Integrated development environment) for R programming and a brief description of each along with pros and cons, depending on your need and application to see which one suits your project.

What to know?

If you are going to install R on your mac, windows, or Linux operating system and are confused about the choices of IDEs, then you should know that R comes with a barebones IDE (Rstudio) for Windows and Mac computers. That functions as similar to other iDEs for R.

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Installing Visual code On Chromebook (Easiest way)

The very basic way to install visual code on your Chromebook is here.

What do you need to know to run visual code on Chromebook?

  • Visual code does not work with ChromeOS, you just need to replace ChromeOS with Linux. Read this blog to install Linux on ChromeOS.
  • Make sure your Chromebook has at least 2GB of RAM memory and some free storage.
  • As Visual Studio Code is available and can run on Linux with ARM64 and ARMv7 CPUs, this implies Chromebooks with ARM chips are compatible with Visual Studio Code.

Also read: Installing python on Chromebook.

How do I install visual codes on Chromebook?

Step 1: Setting up the Visual Code

  1. Head over to the official site of Visual Studio by clicking here and clicking on the “.deb” option listed in the middle.
  • The download will soon start, and once it’s over, open the download folder by selecting the bottom right box.
  • Now, right-click the file and select *Open with Linux Beta* to allow the installation of Visual Studio. The progress can also be monitored at the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Applying the Python environment for Visual Studio

  1. Once the installation is complete, minimize the Visual Studio tab and open your Command Terminal. Type “Sudo apt-get update” & hit enter.
  • After the command is executed, again type “sudo apt-get upgrade” and continue.
  • Now to see whether Python is properly installed or not, write “python3 -V” in the command window. If you see a Python version displayed, then proceed next.
  • In the following step, you need to install the Pip package manager (Type “sudo apt-get install python3-pip“. The purpose of this utility is to use third-party Python extensions on the go.

Step 3: VS Code Configuration via environment

  1. Before you move any further, you need to create a folder within the Linux File location where the Python projects will be stored.
  • Now, right-click the folder and scroll over to the Open with section, where you need to open it with the terminal. Another window will pop up in which you are going to input “Code .” This will automatically open the Visual Studio.
  • Once that’s done, click on View and then Extension located at the top left corner. As the resource is displayed, select Python with Microsoft as the main publisher and hit install.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Python-12-1024x576.png
  • The next step is to enable a Raw Python Interpreter. So again, click on View & then Command Pallet. Write “Python select interpreter” and select the following result in the subsequent box.

After that, the Python environment is ready to use. You can now start programming your project by heading over to the explorer section at the top.

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List of Best Code Editors for iPad and iPhone

If you have an iPad or iPhone and, you think you cannot code in it?

we recommend using a keyboard when coding in Ipad. Get keyboard from amazon at the best deals.

You might have missed these ios apps that are perfect, they have been built for programmers so they can code on the go regardless the place where they are, feel the same ease as coding on a PC.

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Best Javascript IDE and lightweight Code Editor

If you are a JavaScript professional developer, you know how simple and fast it makes working and deploy projects if you use a JavaScript IDE.

If you are a web developer you should always consider using a specific JavaScript IDE or JavaScript Editor for all JavaScript development.

Below is the List of best JavaScript ideas that you should use.

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